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Live Webcam at Golden Beach, Thassos



  • SebastianSebastian ThassosAdministrator Posts: 11
    We had an internet outage earlier this morning and since then I've noticed some funky colors/smears. Normally these things resolve themselves after some time. If it doesn't go away by the afternoon, I'll give the system a nice kick for ya!
  • SueandMacSueandMac Elmsett, Suffolk, UKMember (+) Posts: 71
    Thank you Sebastian, Mac was starting to twitch!!!
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 663
    Poor guy!! Mac should get that checked out, Sue. :sweat_smile:
  • SueandMacSueandMac Elmsett, Suffolk, UKMember (+) Posts: 71
    A good clear view of Golden Beach sorts it out!!
  • itsinmysoulitsinmysoul Member Posts: 2
    Its wonderful to be able to see where I am coming in June again

    ...looking at the webcam it looks like the beaches and sea are empty???

  • SebastianSebastian ThassosAdministrator Posts: 11
    [Fingers crossed] It looks like I've managed to fix the beach tour. I had to rewrite my script controlling the tour. Hopefully all will be well and nobody suffers any further anxiety attacks :smiley:

    @itsinmysoul The pandemic has pushed our season much further into the late spring/summer so we don't have the same volume of tourism as in previous years during the same time period. Thankfully we're seeing an increase in tourism traffic over the last couple of weeks. Soon enough there will be life on the beaches once again :smile:
  • SueandMacSueandMac Elmsett, Suffolk, UKMember (+) Posts: 71
    Thank you Sebastian
  • zavzav Member Posts: 3
    I hate the picture on the webcam, :D but I still have to look at it every day. Today it is 96 days until I stand on Golden Beach after a year's break. I'm as happy as a little kid who can't wait for Christmas. :-)
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 663
    Hey Zav :) Woohoo! Just 95 days to go now!

    What picture on the webcam do you mean?
  • zavzav Member Posts: 3
    it was a joke - I hate the pictures because I can't be on the beach in person.:-) and can only see the beach on the monitor. Now it's only 94 days until I can lie in the sun at Golden Beach :-)
  • marie22marie22 Member (+) Posts: 17
    Watching with hope, have booked for 4th august for 2 weeks , will be 14th visit ,everything is crossed ;)
  • NYKONYKO Member Posts: 2
    Buna ziua, va rog sa puneti bancile la loc!!
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