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  • canalanniecanalannie Member (+) Posts: 4
    Been watching the webcam all through the season Golden Beach is my favourite place ever
    This is the first year for 10 years have not been for holiday, hopefully will be back early next year, hope the restaurants hotels are all able to survive these times
    Beautiful island beautiful people
    Adrian LeeJaiEllieAugie
  • vitaliivitalii Member Posts: 2
    who was in the Villa with a view of the island, did you like the hotel, the beach, the place itself?
  • vitaliivitalii Member Posts: 2
    online video is good, a little vibration when zooming in
  • dodododo Member Posts: 11
    Vitalii, don't you think it would have been more polite to send greetings first to the other forum members from whom you expect answers, especially since you have now posted for the first time on this forum?
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 612
    Hello Vitalii and welcome to Go-Thassos! :)

    The vibration you see when the camera is zoomed in, I believe, is because of the wind... so on windy days you can expect more vibration and on still days, less.

    I've visited Villa Island View many times but I never stayed there as a guest because I live on Thassos... so I can't give you a guest review but I can tell you how most people I see there are regular customers and they keep returning every year.

    Have you been to Thassos before, Vitalii?
  • SirPJSirPJ Member (+) Posts: 8
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 612
    I'm a little late but Happy Thanksgiving, SirPJ :)

    My family forwent celebrating this year so that next year we can gather and celebrate safely together.

    We hope to see you in Thassos when it's safe for everyone to travel again!
  • SirPJSirPJ Member (+) Posts: 8
    Merry Christmas Thassos! xoxoxo
  • EllieEllie Member (+) Posts: 24
    Merry Christmas to all on Thassos ... stay safe ... here's to 2021! xx
    AugieAdrian Lee
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 612
    Merry Christmas!! :blush:

    I'll drink to that, Ellie!
    SueandMacEllieAdrian Lee
  • JaiJai Member Posts: 12
    Happy New Year to all our Thassian friends see you soon ❤️
    A beautiful day their on Golden Beach
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 612
    Happy New Year, Jai! :smile:

    We're looking forward to your return in 2021! *Fingers crossed*
  • JaiJai Member Posts: 12
    Hi Augie

    We are looking to return end of June beginning of July 21. Cant wait once again such a beautiful place and wonderful people.

    Yamas Augie B)
  • canalanniecanalannie Member (+) Posts: 4
    Happy new year to all on Thassos and especially Golden Beach hopefully will be able to return this year
    All stay safe
  • cgukcguk Member Posts: 10
    Looks like snow again up on those mountains - hope it's all gone by June
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