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Flying from Uk

JayneJayne Member Posts: 9
Hello Augie,
I am not sure if you can answer this but I have been told by a lady that landed at Thessaloniki airport that ALL passengers on the UK flight were given a COVID test. Does this mean that if one person tests positive on the flight, then the whole set of passengers have to isolate for 10 days. We were going to travel with Tui to kavala on the 1st Aug but that flight has been cancelled and so I am not sure whether it would be practical to travel, although believe me we want to visit Thassos.
Regards Jayne


  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 681
    edited July 14
    Hi Jayne :)

    No, the whole set of passengers would not have to isolate for 10 days. They would all need to be tested and those who are positive would need to isolate.

    Do you know if somebody tested positive on that flight? I don't see how they could, to be honest, since passengers are required to be vaccinated or have a recent negative test before they are allowed on board.

    Greece conducts random testing at the country's airports and points of entry. The airline should have explained this to the lady and if they didn't then I can see why you are asking this question.

    I believe that since Briton has a high caseload of the Delta variant, Greece is providing free rapid tests to passengers upon their arrival just to be sure. They're doing their best to accept tourists and allow travel while keeping Greece a safe destination.

    Are you thinking to fly to Thessaloniki since the Kavala flight was canceled?
  • JayneJayne Member Posts: 9
    Thank you Augie, I knew you would know.
    Yes as we can’t get to Kavala we were going to try Thessaloniki but we’re concerned that the return flight might get cancelled whilst we were on holiday.
    We have booked a number of flights before this which have been cancelled in the meantime.
    Many thanks Jayne
  • JayneJayne Member Posts: 9
    Hi Augie,
    I was just reading the Greek government advice and it does say
    “ You should also be aware that if other passengers on your flight, bus, train or ferry later test positive, you may be subject to further quarantine/self isolation requirements. These will be mandatory and you should comply with the Greek authorities’ requirements.”
    It makes you wonder if that would actually happen? Hopefully not.
    Best regards
  • nafepnafep Member Posts: 6
    edited July 14
    Hi Jayne,

    How did you find out that your flight with Tui on 1st August was cancelled? We are also due to fly with them to Kavala on that date and haven’t heard anything???

    We are due to fly from Birmingham - is that where you were flying from?
  • JayneJayne Member Posts: 9
    Hello we were travelling from kavala to Manchester on the 1st August.
    They emailed to say it was cancelled but the next day you could still book the flight.
    I called Tui and they said it was cancelled and would be reviewed to see if the 8th aug would go ahead. They told me that Birmingham and Gatwick flights to kavala had also been cancelled for this date.
    My daughter was travelling to Birmingham on this date and she received an email too.
    If it helps I think Ryanair fly to Thessaloniki on a Sunday?
  • nafepnafep Member Posts: 6
    Thanks Jayne - it doesn’t sound too promising for our holiday then.🙁
    Up until yesterday Tui were still booking for our flight from Birmingham to Kavala on 01/08 but now that no longer seems to be available.
  • trevpnntrevpnn Burnham on Sea Member (+) Posts: 6
    On Tui site today 16th Birmingham Airport is not available for August at all, Manchester and Gatwick are still available, doesn't look good for Birmingham departures. September is still available, but for how long only tui knows.
  • JayneJayne Member Posts: 9
    We are due to travel to Thassos at the end of July. We have been visiting every year for 32 years but last year was the first time we travelled to Thessaloniki. I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner. The flight (with all extra additions for comfort) and the cost of the taxi was much cheaper than Tui. It was no hassle - nice airport, walked out and got into taxi to travel to Kerimoti with nice scenery. If you are desperate to get to Thassos, as we certainly are, then why not consider it.
  • nafepnafep Member Posts: 6
    Tui are still refusing to confirm that our holiday is cancelled even though Birmingham airport have told us that there are no flights to Kavala scheduled for 1st August - I am more than furious with them!!!!🤬
  • hobgoblinhobgoblin Member (+) Posts: 32
    If you are flying to Thessaloniki, why not use the Potos Car offer. they are going from the airport to keramoti by minibus and that for around 50 Euro p.p. if I remember rightly. it was mentioned on this site.
  • hobgoblinhobgoblin Member (+) Posts: 32
    it is mentioned under NEW: Thassos Airport shuttle, if you want to check it out.
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 681
    edited July 23
    Yep, here's the post hobgoblin is talking about! :)
  • GangoGango Member (+) Posts: 27
    Hi sorry meant to post our experience flying from the UK this year earlier but busy enjoying our holiday!
    We are both fully vaccinated and our experience is for flying from Manchester to Thessaloniki with Ryanair. Other routes/vaccination statuses may vary
    At Manchester there was a desk before bag drop where our paperwork was checked. Required was the Greek Passenger Locator Form (you apply - 1 form to be filled out per household - receive a confirmation email immediately but then the QR code/form does not arrive until midnight of the day of travel) and our vaccination letter (applied for this via the NHS app- not the nhs covid app). They stamped our boarding pass with DOCS-OK. I had our letter and boarding pass printed and just the PLF on my phone as I thought it was easier for them to check, rather than scrolling through my phone for the different documents.
    At Thessaloniki after passport control there were several desks that did the same check. From landing to getting our luggage we were out within 20 minutes. I didn't see anyone get tested but as we were out of the airport so quickly it could have happened.
    We had a pre booked taxi to Keramoti.
    When we bought our ferry tickets they gave us a very simple form to fill out, but were waved onto the ferry before we had time to fill it out and no one asked for it or checked our paperwork etc.
    Going home we'll use the links on here to arrange our pre departure test. Our day 2 PCR test for home is already booked with one of the government approved providers and we have the code, which I understand will be needed to fill out the UK PLF, done 48 hours before leaving Greece
    Everything here is beautiful as usual and I feel very safe.
  • nafepnafep Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for posting @Gango - very useful information.
    We are still hoping to be travelling to Thassos on Sunday, as we’ve swapped our flights from the cancelled Birmingham one to a flight from Gatwick.
    Just keeping everything crossed now that this one isn’t cancelled by Tui as well.😩
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