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Live Webcam at Golden Beach, Thassos



  • derekderek Member (+) Posts: 66
    for my money may can be very unpredictable ,,so dont take any chances..a sweater etc might be handy..yammas..
  • Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Member (+) Posts: 126
    I noticed people are on the sun beds today,only 7 weeks to wait for us.
  • troublebutnice47troublebutnice47 Member (+) Posts: 7
    9 weeks for us...yayyyy :D
  • derekderek Member (+) Posts: 66
    4 for us..get the mousaka cooking and a pint of amstel please//
  • tonitoni Member (+) Posts: 97
    we have still got 3 months until we come to thassos
    3rd August hurry up please
  • grandma56grandma56 Member (+) Posts: 46
    Only 88 days to go!!
    Hope to meet up with familiar faces at the Nostos.
  • derekderek Member (+) Posts: 66
    go thassos team
    can we see a bit more of the beach ,,cava doro area,,and get rid of blue bay frontage,,the bit with the road and a car. cheers boys
  • lefterislefteris Member (+) Posts: 7
    seven weeks and we are going to be on that beach
    Sandra Miles
  • Therese WilliamsTherese Williams Member (+) Posts: 0
    All this sounds great. I will be in Thassos in five week for the very first time. Can anybody tell me how usually the weather is on June, is the sea already warm enough to take a swim. I am looking forward to spend my holidays in Thassos.
  • SANDYSANDY Member (+) Posts: 9
    You will love it Therese. The sea may be a bit cool in June, depends how warm you like it. I have been in June and September and its lovely whenever you go. Are you staying in the Golden beach area?
  • SueandMacSueandMac Member (+) Posts: 84
    Hi, Hadfields, the weather has been a bit changable but now we are back in UK Im sure it will be great for you! Have agreat time any way!
  • ToneTone Member (+) Posts: 65
    Just wanted to says thanks to the Go Thassos team for providing the web cam free for all of us :)
    I'm not bothered what view it shows - it's always great to see - very much appreciated.

    So good to see the beach coming to life - like everyone we can't wait to return in July.
    Sandra MilesGoThassosgrandma56SirPJ
  • Sandra MilesSandra Miles Member (+) Posts: 51
    Theresa, We have been in June for last 3 years and the weather has been gorgeous and the sea lovely, its shallow so it warms up pretty fast. It has never been too cold for me and my lilo :)
  • Ani NedelcuAni Nedelcu Member (+) Posts: 1
    It's very beautiful today!I can't wait 7 july !
  • SarahTSarahT Member (+) Posts: 0
    3 weeks today and we'll be on our way!
  • Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Member (+) Posts: 126
    The sea looks a bit choppy today, 46 days to go :-)
  • AmyEF91AmyEF91 Member (+) Posts: 7
    Hope this weather carries on for next week, 3 Days till paradise! <3
  • SueSue Member (+) Posts: 35
    You're looking good today Golden Beach!
  • grandma56grandma56 Member (+) Posts: 46
    Looks quiet on the beach this morning - particularly our favourite spot near sitoris. In front of the icecream / snack bar seaside cafe. Less than 80 days now!! Iced coffee on the beach!!
  • Nikos KonsoulasNikos Konsoulas Member (+) Posts: 45
    hello everyone 90 days and counting !!
  • Wendy FlemingWendy Fleming Member (+) Posts: 75
    Does anyone know if the Agean Bar is open
  • sunhatladysunhatlady Member (+) Posts: 6
    Toni - we go on the 3rd August too. First time in Limenaria
  • Wendy FlemingWendy Fleming Member (+) Posts: 75
    Only nineteen days to go.
  • tonitoni Member (+) Posts: 97
    Hi sunhatlady
    you will love thassos we have been going back since 1997
    have a great time. we cant wait
  • VintageVivVintageViv Member (+) Posts: 50
    Missing my Moussaka and Mythos this year so much .. would love to be ordering my Greek Salad at the Fedra then walking back to the Blue Bay with the sun on the back of my neck!
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