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  • juliebjulieb RotherhamMember (+) Posts: 26
    End of June for us as well! Will be our 11th visit (even though we never used to go to the same place twice!). Thassos just captures your heart. One of my reasons for booking June/July is I will be celebrating my birthday while we are there. Can't think of a better place to be :)
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    yes me too, school holidays make it expensive (July / August), it is a little cooler in June and we noticed last year more traffic coming into the area in our second week (first week of July). There were fewer sunbeds out in our first week (last week in June) and more coming out in our second week giving less area on the beach. All in all we like it less crowded
  • lefterislefteris Member (+) Posts: 7
    we are going in june because we like to space our trips a bit we are on Lesvos early September, we look forward to golden beach I think it is a fantastic resort a fantastic island to visit
  • Wendy FlemingWendy Fleming Member (+) Posts: 75
    We are also visiting Thassos in June. May,the weather can be a bit dodgy, although we are going to Corfu but not too bothered about weather their. September can be lovely but there are a lot of wasps.
  • Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Lincoln Member (+) Posts: 126
    Another lovely sunny day in golden beach
  • SueandMacSueandMac Elmsett, Suffolk, UKMember (+) Posts: 84
    We've had lovely weather at the start and end of the season in April/May and late September. Looking forward to relaxing on Serendipity's balcony, on the edge of Limenas, with the view
    below to gaze at!
  • Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Lincoln Member (+) Posts: 126
    Great view
  • angieangie Member (+) Posts: 37
    We fell in love with Thassos the first time we visited this beautiful island... we usually come for two weeks in June and the same in September will be our 11th time there this June! We like to space our hols out too and prefer to go when it isn't the main school hols and enjoy it when it is fairly quiet!Yes it's exciting to be to think we'll be back in 4 months! :):):)
  • Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Lincoln Member (+) Posts: 126
    edited February 2014
    Andystuffins, we now have snow in Lincoln
  • GoThassosGoThassos Administrator Posts: 128
    Thanks to everyone who shared their reasons for booking June, your answers are great! Here are some more questions that we have for all of you return visitors:

    How do you enjoy spending your holidays on Thassos? Any favorite pastimes?

    What would you suggest to those who will visit Thassos for the very first time? Any "Must Sees" or "Must Dos"?
  • Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Lincoln Member (+) Posts: 126
    Almost certainly a trip into the mountains
  • angieangie Member (+) Posts: 37
    We found it definitely worthwhile to hire a car or jeep and just drive round the island stopping at all the view points overlooking different views of the sea and stopping off at different beaches and little hidden coves.We also recommend a trip into the mountains.We love to take a trip to Giola(only dont go after heavy rains as the water will probably be brown instead of beautiful green)It is always nice to have a day in Limenas and have a stroll looking in the little souvenir shops and a walk round the old and the new harbour.We also love just chilling out on the beach at Limenaria!!!Everyone likes to experience different things whilst on their hols.There are plenty different experiences to be had on Thassos Island.
  • ToneTone Member (+) Posts: 65
    We've been going to Scala Potamia for so many years :} Would always recommend hiring a car ( Speedys ) and driving round the Island ( it only takes a day ) and you can take in all the lovely places mentioned on this forum. Always worth a stroll through Thassos Town and the harbour. In recent years we tend to stay in Golden Beach/ Scala and just chill out - it's so relaxing . A typical day is a breakfast at Green Sea then sunbeds just along the beach - back to Suzies late afternoon then an evening stroll along to Scala Potamia to Korali for a meal followed by drinks/crepe at Yolta's bar a bit further down - times all this by 14 !!! Roll on 8th July and we can do it all again.
  • Sandra MilesSandra Miles Member (+) Posts: 51
    June and late August for hubby and I. In August we arrive on my birthday and our last night is hubby's birthday! So my birthday meal will be sea bass at the Nautilus yay :)
  • SueSue Member (+) Posts: 35
    Can anyone tell me how to get Giola. We've seen photos but in all our years going to Thassos we have never been.
  • Gary_AdamsGary_Adams EnglandMember (+) Posts: 4
    Giola is a natural rocky pool that is located in the region of Astris. The height of the rocks reaches up to 8m from where the swimmers can dive into the clear waters. The course towards Giola is tough and you will have to walk.

    In order to arrive at Giola, drive from Poto to Astris. After the hotel Aeria you will find a sign indicating to Sirens. Turn left and follow the dirt-road. After a while you will get to a beach. There, you can park your vehicle since the route becomes tougher. Ascend the road on your left, whose end you can park your car as well. From that spot, descend towards the shore. There are many signs and signals with arrows showing the direction. It is recommended that you a high four-engined or an off-road vehicle. The overall distance from the main road is about 2km.
    I found this hope it helps ! Gary :-)
  • SueSue Member (+) Posts: 35
    Thanks Gary for the info on Giola we will definitely try and get there this year.
  • Sandra MilesSandra Miles Member (+) Posts: 51
    wow looks like a proper pea souper today
  • Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Lincoln Member (+) Posts: 126
    Looked out of my window this morning to a grey,foggy morning,thought I would get my Thassos fix on here,logged onto a grey,foggy morning,lol
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    Thassos certainly gets it's share of foggy weather in the winter time, I have seen it many times on the webcam whilst other mainland resorts have been basking in sunshine but i'm sure it will be much better by May lol
  • helensmumhelensmum Member (+) Posts: 29
    See the digger is lined up to clear the seaweed - summer is on the way!!
  • Wendy FlemingWendy Fleming Member (+) Posts: 75
    That's a bit early for Greece
  • tonitoni Member (+) Posts: 97
    5 months and we will be on our way to wonderful Thassos.
    not that i'm counting.hurry up
  • Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Lincoln Member (+) Posts: 126
    The see is very choppy today,it looks orange, I guess that is the sand being churned up by the waves.
  • GoThassosGoThassos Administrator Posts: 128
    Hi Adrian,

    There's a big weather front moving through Greece at the moment and it's bringing a lot of rain to Thassos. The color you see is from all the run-off that's coming down the mountains.

    On the bright side, we welcome the rain this time of year because it helps keep the island so green and beautiful throughout the year. :)
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