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Live Webcam at Golden Beach, Thassos



  • Wendy FlemingWendy Fleming Posts: 75Member (+)
    Hi we have traveled to Kavala via Thessalonika, I found it much cheaper and didn't mind the journey. The motor way is very quiet. Only problem is no one wants to drive.
  • DelboyDelboy Posts: 287Member (+)
    Hi Wendy that is where the hoteliers seem to be missing a trick in not running a coach down from Thessalonika and back on a weekend. Not sure of the cost but a travel ticket included for each of 50 passengers would bring more revenue to the island. Which if successful could expand.
    People doing it independently would be paying the hotelier far more than what any package companies pay them
  • Leanne1976Leanne1976 Posts: 97Member
    I agree del, and much less stressful !
    Maybe now thomas cook aren’t flying they might consider it. However I think they will still do ok for tourists with other Europeans so might not bother.
  • DelboyDelboy Posts: 287Member (+)
    IMO the Island needs to think outside the box to open it up to the Western side but if they are happy with the situation then it won't change. Tavernas would also benefit from more people eating out. Not sure if the Germans get better flights into Kavala than we do
  • Wendy FlemingWendy Fleming Posts: 75Member (+)
    It's such a shame, we stay independently but its too expensive with TUI. I hope in the future another company will fly there. We have been going to Thassos since the 90's and i'm really upset to think we won't be going next year.
  • Leanne1976Leanne1976 Posts: 97Member
    Wendy I’ve been like a kid whose had her toys taken away since I found out 😞
  • Rob7853Rob7853 Posts: 2Member
    Hi every one
    I have been travelling to Thassos for many years independent
    I have been looking read for next year and there is a way to get direct to Kavala which I shall be trying next year
    Aegean Airlines run flights direct to Kavala regularly it does take 8 hours but it does save the drive from Thessaloniki
    Checking flights for September costs listed on line are less than half the cost that Tui are quoting
    This is what I shall be trying raven with the one stop in the flight
    Got to be worth a try
    See you all there
  • Adrian LeeAdrian Lee Lincoln Posts: 118Member (+)
    Where do they fly from direct as I can only find indirect flights from Stansted & Heathrow
  • Rob7853Rob7853 Posts: 2Member
    Hi Adrian
    As far as I know only indirect flights are available probably via Athens which is why the flight time is stated as 8 hours in total
    I still think this is a reasonable compromise which still gets you to Kavala at a reasonable price which will avoid the long journey from Thessaloniki we have also been informed that car hire insurance could be considerably hirer as the are hotting up on vehicles being taken off the main land
    I am pretty sure that this is the route that I shall be taking unless other airlines come to light as I just can’t see me paying Tui prices to get to our favourite destination
    Will keep looking at all possibilities though
  • DelboyDelboy Posts: 287Member (+)
    Hi Rob,

    The flights via Athens are mentioned in the 'Spanner in the works' thread. Augie reported they are reasonable in winter but hike up the price in the summer season.
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