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  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 524
    edited May 7
    Hi Martyn :)

    Non-residents may be allowed to travel to the islands as early as May 18 if the coronavirus cases remain low and stable.

    On 15 May, Greece's top epidemiologist will assess the situation and announce the next steps. Fingers crossed!!
  • martynnichollsmartynnicholls Member Posts: 9
    Thanks Augie. I too and lots of friends will keep our fingers crossed. I hope that everyone onboard must wear a mask and keep their distance.
  • hobgoblinhobgoblin Member (+) Posts: 6
    so there is a glimmer of hope for our holiday end of august. i'm glad we didn't cancel our flights as we got caught up on the condor Desaster and lost our money for the flights (we had booked before Thomas cook went bust), so had to book with eurowings to Thessaloniki. no Problem, we've done the drive a few Times. the Main thing is, that we can come and don't have to wait another year, that would be unbearable.
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 524
    Hi hobgoblin :)

    Yes, there is hope so let's hang in there together!

    Today, flights resumed between Germany and Greece (Frankfurt - Athens only, for now) because new cases in both countries have dropped significantly. If we continue to do well then your flight in August should be safe!

    PS. In the last 24 hours, Greece only had 2 new confirmed cases in the entire country.
  • hobgoblinhobgoblin Member (+) Posts: 6
    hi augie, that is impressive. we have still a way to go, but we are hopeful. so fingers crossed and hopefully until august, can't wait. we had to cancel our ireland Trip from next week, so will be ready for a holiday.
  • EvgeniuEvgeniu Member Posts: 1
    Hello, Augie))) there is no information yet about Ukraine? planned for you at the end of June.
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 524
    edited June 2
    Hi Evgeniu :)

    I'm so sorry, Ukraine is not on the list of 29 countries that can enter Greece starting June 15 without the mandatory quarantine measures.

    However, the list will be updated in the next 2 weeks for tourism starting July 1 and Ukraine might be on that list! *fingers crossed*

    If you have a reservation for the end of June, I highly recommend contacting your host and requesting a date change to July or later, a time that suits you best.

    The situation is improving every day in almost every country, including Ukraine, so we remain hopeful and optimistic that you will be able to come soon! :smiley:
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