Travelling to Thassos under Coronavirus

Travelling to Thassos under Coronavirus

My wife and I own a flat and live in Palio, just outside Kavala. We own land on Thassos which we like to visit periodically mainly to ensure that fences are OK and no one is trying to abuse it. Would we be allowed on a ferry boat to visit during the current Coronavirus shut-down.


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    Nobody outside Thassos is allowed to visit Thassos at the moment. One has to prove that he lives in Thassos to be able to board the ferry. That applies to every island. So far we have no case of coronavirus in Thassos and we hope to keep it like this. Plus all the strict measures that the State has taken apply to Thassos as well. I suppose you have to ask again but I am sure that go-thassos will inform everybody about the changes that will take place in the future.
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    Thanks for the speedy reply Gregory. I do hope Thassos remains Coronavirus free. It is a wonderful island but alas you need tourists to survive. Lets hope when the weather warms up a bit things will change for the better.
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    Hi Martynnicholls :)

    Welcome and thank you for posting on Go-Thassos!

    Gregory is right. Only residents of the island are allowed to board the ferry after showing proof of residency. Typically a photo ID and an official tax document (E1, for example).

    Since Greece is currently under lockdown, people are required to avoid non-essential travel. For a property owner who wants to check on their land, I don't know if this falls under the essential travel category. I'm kind of doubtful, to be honest.

    I recommend calling the local police station and/or the port authority for advice.

    Police Station in Limenas: 25930 22500
    Port Authority in Keramoti: 25910 51204

    Personally, I recommend everybody to limit their travel for their own well-being. As Gregory mentioned, we don't have any reported cases on Thassos but there are no guarantees in this situation. The virus is invisible and highly contagious.

    The best we can do is stay home and follow the recommendations of the health ministry and our government for as long as it takes.

    This will all be over sooner if we keep the spread low in the next few weeks. Greece has done a phenomenal job containing the spread thanks to the measures, so we should feel optimistic and double-down our efforts!

    As you said, Thassos and Greece need tourism to survive, which is why we took serious measures much earlier than other countries. We're trying to keep Greece a safe destination for this summer. At the end of the day, we're all in this together and hopefully, other countries will also be ready this summer to open their borders for travel.

    Until then, let's all focus on keeping ourselves and each other healthy so we can enjoy Thassos together this summer! :smiley:
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