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Live Webcam at Golden Beach, Thassos



  • Ann EveryAnn Every Posts: 1Member
    Golden Beach still looking fabulous on the webcam, always enjoy checking it out
  • grandma56grandma56 Hertfordshire Posts: 40Member (+)
    Have enjoyed one of the best sea bass meals and very reasonably priced at €10 at Korifi taverna Skala Panagia/Golden Beach (just behind Pefka) highly recommend this.
  • mrwuggs1979mrwuggs1979 Posts: 2Member
    What's happened to the web cam it's not showing the beach??
  • AugieAugie Posts: 448Administrator
    Hi Mr Wuggs,

    We're experiencing a bit of technical difficulty, and we're working on resolving it.

    Until then, let us all enjoy gazing at the beautiful green mountains which give Thassos its nickname, the Emerald of the Aegean! :)
  • SueandMacSueandMac Elmsett, Suffolk, UKPosts: 62Member (+)
    hi Augie, do you have the ferry timetables for 19th. onwards?
  • AugieAugie Posts: 448Administrator
    edited September 2017
    Hey Sue, not available yet but will have them by the weekend!
  • colingcoling Posts: 7Member
    Augie - your camera is out of focus when in zoom in mode
  • SirPJSirPJ Posts: 6Member (+)
    Yay, Augie!!!!
  • AugieAugie Posts: 448Administrator
    Hey coling,

    We finally received an official diagnoses of the problem that's causing the blurriness. We'll need to replace the camera and we plan to do this in the coming days if all goes according to plan.

    Hey SirPJ!!! We really miss you on this side of the pond! :D
  • tonitoni Posts: 69Member (+)
    Anyone going independently to thassos next year easyJet have released their summer flights.
    Just booked mine for august excited to be going back after missing this year
  • GangoGango Posts: 13Member (+)
    Hi toni
    Yes we always go independently. This year Jet2 started flying to Thessaloniki so we could fly from our closest airport, East Midlands, so didn't have the trip to Manchester or Gatwick. We haven't booked for next year yet but won't be long!
  • Sandra MilesSandra Miles Posts: 51Member (+)
    Hi Gango, We always travel independently but direct to Kavala. East Midlands is right near home for me so my question is, how long was the transfer from Thessaloniki to Keramoti Ferry port. This would be just perfect. Went from Manchester this year and it was a nightmare never to be repeated :)
  • tonitoni Posts: 69Member (+)
    HI Sandra its about an 2 hour drive from Thessaloniki airport to ferry
  • GangoGango Posts: 13Member (+)
    Hi Sandra, yes about a 2 hour drive to Keramoti, but we always make it a part of the holiday so usually stay somewhere either on the way there or on the way back. This year though we got a pre-arranged taxi. I think it was 130 euros, but offset against the extra cost for the hire car from Thessalonki and taking a car on the ferry it worked out about the same and a lot less stress! We came back via Kavala though and got an internal flight to Athens (only 19 euros!) and had 1 night/2 days there. We then flew back to Birmingham, so not too far either.
    I agree Manchester can be a nightmare! (and Gatwick even worse; especially coming back!)
  • Sandra MilesSandra Miles Posts: 51Member (+)
    Thank you Gango and Toni. I think we will just pay Thomson flight price out of Birmingham and suck up the cost lol. After all you cannot put a price on paradise can you. Birmingham is only 40 mins from home and flight is direct to Kavala. Ohhhh just talking about it fills me with excitement :))
  • GangoGango Posts: 13Member (+)
    Yes about 45mins for us to Birmingham and Thomson to Kavala is an easy journey. If you go via Thessaloniki though you don't have to fly back on the same weekday, so you can sneak in a few extra days..... :)
    Sandra Miles
  • tonitoni Posts: 69Member (+)
    thats what we've done this time going for 17 nights as EasyJet fly every day to Thessaloniki
    cant wait till august
  • derekderek Posts: 66Member (+)
    i got on the plane the other day on my to rodos and i was informed cabin bags were restricted to 5 kilo. I carried on through got on the plane then I noticed people getting on with bags twice the size of mine weight guess 8 kilo..whats going on?? thomas cook by the way..
  • Kip van KapokKip van Kapok Posts: 4Member
    Hi Augie, thank you for fixing the webcam! He is doing allright and the images are very sharp. I have missed it and I am very glad the webcam is back!
  • AugieAugie Posts: 448Administrator
    Hey Kip, thanks for your support! :)

    We missed the clear views too and I'm glad we were able to get them back. There are still some kinks in the camera's rotation, which we're working to fix now. It will be back to 100% soon!
  • Kip van KapokKip van Kapok Posts: 4Member
    Great to hear Augie! Thank you!
  • 19761976 germaniaPosts: 3Member
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  • cooperkidscooperkids Posts: 75Member (+)
    Thinking of hotel nisteri next year. Any feedback xx
  • cooperkidscooperkids Posts: 75Member (+)
    Have now booked for Nisteri for next September
  • Sandra MilesSandra Miles Posts: 51Member (+)
    Wow it looks a tad chilly on those white topped mountains. Would still like to take a stroll along the front tho, roll on August :)
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