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Potential move to Thassos from UK

juliehands1875juliehands1875 Member Posts: 1

My husband and I are thinking of moving to Thassos from the UK in the next couple of years. He is of retirement age but I have a few more working years to go yet! The reason for my post is to find out any information from anyone who has already done this. Currently in the UK I work for the NHS, how easy is it to find work ? Can you get flights to and from the Island out of the tourist season should we need to get back to the UK for any reason. Obviously trying to weigh up the pros and cons before we commit to doing this. At the moment the pros are winning! Any help, advice, links would really be appreciated.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts, views stories and comments.
With warmest wishes
Julie and Roger Hands :)


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    UmbralUmbral Member Posts: 11
    edited August 2022
    We did and our family, moved there from Romania to Thassos- we are half Greek

    Contact https://thassos.one
    (0040 0724661454)
    You can talk in English to whatup number.

    You have either the possibity to buy a new house, or an not very old house (second hand), or buy new land and get a person, a builder- (professional) to build on the land you buy the home of your dreams.

    They can manage all for you.

    Contact ditnelu@gmail.com or ioanadit@yahoo.com
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    saxkerrysaxkerry Member Posts: 22
    Hi Julie and Roger,
    I was interested to see your post as me and my husband were at the same mindset nearly five years ago!
    I am Kerry, originally from the UK, and my first trip to Thassos was at the age of 19 with Young world holidays.. i fell in love with greece, but as fate would have it I ended up in Israel on a kibbutz where i met my husband Ofer.
    We both had stressful jobs in Israel and we felt that life was passing us by it wasn't the lifestyle we wanted...we sold our house, quitted our jobs and moved to Thassos with just 4 suitcases.
    Augie from Go Thassos gave us a lot of genuine tips.
    We arrived in September and rented accommodation for 3 months and then found a garden apartment in Limenas which we bought.
    Ofer started working as a TUI rep and I worked at couple of hotels. Then COVID turned up...and not much going on..
    The Greek people have been so welcoming and friendly. The summers are lively and busy and the winters are very quiet, relaxing and cold!
    If you like nature, laid back quiet life and are ready to embrace a new lifestyle then go for it.
    Do you have an idea of where you would like to live on the island?
    Are you aware of the new rules of moving to an EU country since BREXIT?
    Feel free to pick our brains with any questions!
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    saxkerrysaxkerry Member Posts: 22
    Hi Julie, Next month we will have been here 5 years!!!
    If you want i can send you my wattsapp number and you can call to chat...
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    saxkerrysaxkerry Member Posts: 22
    Hi Julie,
    You asked about work. It is usually just during the summer months and the pay is not high compared to what you earn in the UK, but living expenses are less here.
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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 829
    Hi Julie :)

    Kerry and Ofer would be perfect to chat with. I would take them up on their offer!

    We also created an article on the topic of moving to Thassos where you may find helpful information: https://www.go-thassos.gr/in-focus/moving-to-thassos

    Finding work on the island during the summer isn't difficult, especially if you aren't picky. As Kerry said, the pay is not what you've been used to in the UK but nor are the expenses. Here's a 2017 post from Kerry that you may also find useful: https://community.go-thassos.gr/discussion/355/long-term-rentals/p1

    In regards to your question about flights to the UK, Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) has direct flights all year round. The number of flights during the Winter is fewer and also cheaper than during the Summer. There are so many private, inexpensive airport parking lots near the airport in Thessaloniki so if you're living here and own a car, you can drive yourself and your luggage to SKG and leave your car near the airport without paying an arm and a leg.

    Kavala's airport (KVA) mainly serves the [Kavala - Athens] route during the Winter. There are multiple flights per week so you could fly to Athens and then continue to the UK from there. This option is usually more pricey and sometimes takes longer which is why Thessaloniki is the preferred airport for most of us living on Thassos.

    If you and Roger have more questions, don't hesitate to ask here! :smiley:
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