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NEW: Thassos Airport Shuttle

AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 811
edited February 2021 in Traveling to Thassos
Hey everybody! :)

I'm really excited to announce a new airport shuttle service being launched by our trusty friends at Potos Car Rentals! This shuttle service is dedicated to all of you who travel to Thassos via Thessaloniki!

Finally! A quicker and more affordable way to get from Thessaloniki International Airport (SKG) to Keramoti Ferry Port, or vice-versa!

Booking your seat is quick and easy. Click below to learn more!

Thassos Airport Shuttle


  • juliebjulieb Member (+) Posts: 26
    That’s great news Augie for people like us who prefer to come to Thassos independently! So pleased to hear this. Thank you!
  • Potos_Car_RentalsPotos_Car_Rentals Member Posts: 15
    Hello from Astris!

    thank you Augie for mentioning our new service!
    The website will be availble soon in further languages: German, Romanian, Polish and Greek. For any further information you can contact us also at [email protected].

    Stay safe everyone and looking forward to meeting you this summer in Thassos!

    Kind regards,
    on behalf of Potos Car Rentals
  • broderickbroderick Member (+) Posts: 33
    It is looking good. Will this service operate throughout the year as I would love to visit at any time of year. Just to walk along Golden Beach even early winter, Christmas Day or New Year Party would be great.

    If number of hotels got on board just think of the possibilities.

    I would love to get up on 25 December 2021 at hotel looking out to the bay and have Christmas Dinner at Fedras Bar even if just Pizza., This Could take off big time and instead of Transit Van they will need double decker. Old Birmingham (UK)
    Bus would do fine.
  • Potos_Car_RentalsPotos_Car_Rentals Member Posts: 15

    great pic :)
    Our intention is to offer our transfer services all year round. The shared transfer service depends on the demand. We will be happy to serve smaller or bigger groups! In the worst case that a transfer is not available someone can hire a car straight from Thessaloniki Airport and drive to Thassos.

    Kind regards,
    on behalf of Potos Car Rentals
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    Well done Potos it was a much needed service for many
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