bus timetable from kavala to keramoti.

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bus timetable from kavala to keramoti.

FloralouFloralou Member Posts: 4
I'm travelling from Thessaloniki to Kavala and want to carry on to Keramoti for the ferry.
Thank you

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  • FloralouFloralou Member Posts: 4
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    Thanks very much, kind of you. Really looking forward to my trip, fingers crossed all will be well (virus wise) and I will be there next moth. Thanks for your help. Nice to have someone to ask these things.


  • FloralouFloralou Member Posts: 4
    Hi, thanks. I have the ferry times. The reason I asked is that there are only three from Kavala, the first one is too early. I would have liked to catch a ferry so as to get to Thassos mid morning. In that case I might just aswell catch the 2oclock.
  • FloralouFloralou Member Posts: 4

    I don't suppose you know if there is luggage storage at Kavala bus station. I will have a few hours before catching the ferry.

  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 817
    Hi Floralou :)

    I just phoned the bus station and confirmed they have storage units for your luggage. Each unit is the size of a small closet and costs 2 euros. You can rent as many as you need depending on the amount of luggage you have.

    Enjoy a nice walk along the seafront and into the old part of Kavala while you wait for the ferry. Explore the old castle and have an ice-cold frappe at one of the many cafes... you'll see the time will fly!
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