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  • normastephennormastephen Member (+) Posts: 18
    Hi Thassos team
    We have been watching your web cam since january its fantastic.
    we have booked to go next july . until then we will be watching the web cam every day .
    thank you thassos team
  • Sandra MilesSandra Miles Member (+) Posts: 51
    Every time I visit I leave a little piece of my heart there and that way I have to keep on returning to collect it lol :)
  • angieangie Member (+) Posts: 37
    Hi normastephen
    We are going to stay at the Sunray again next year too,it is so lovely there! We have been to Limenaria many times and just love it.We hired a jeep for a couple of days in September and had a great time.What a beautiful island! ::)
  • Nikos KonsoulasNikos Konsoulas Member (+) Posts: 45
    Good morning to every one here cam its looks down today!!!!
    Just an update for cosmos, after a conversation i had this morning currently they will be flying from BHX and LGW as package only, and to top it up it will be double drop via skiathos. so start from BHX go to KVA then to skiathos and then back to BHX. It looks to me that they following thomas cook they did that route few years back.
  • GoThassosGoThassos Administrator Posts: 128
    Hi normastephen, thank you for the compliments. It's our pleasure to bring these breath-taking views to every Thassos fan around the world. Enjoy your first holiday on the emerald island, it's one-of-a-kind!

    Nikos you are right, the webcam is down today but we will look into what's causing it. Thanks for the update about Cosmos, too. We all know how badly Thassos needs more flights available from the UK and the rest of Europe.
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    hi Nikos
    That seem a bit strange doing it that way round, Skiathos has one of the smallest runways in the world and as such, many of the jets have to takeoff with low fuel and then land in Thessalonki to refuel for the journey back home. The route talked of would mean the plane would land in Skiathos with low fuel and then have to refuel again elsewhere. I can see the journey home will take a lot longer, as passengers will have probably have to disembark for the refuelling
  • Nikos KonsoulasNikos Konsoulas Member (+) Posts: 45
    hi delboy you are right there my apologies it make sense to refuel to kavala since it will have less pax on after drop off to skiathos, at least i believe that what Thomas cook would had done years ago. My in laws did that route and i am sure they went to skiathos on the way back. i will check to that. however as you said one way or another it will be long travel if they do that route. Hey see the positive side will be able to see another island as well.

    I think the problem with the flights is the charges that kva airport imposes to the airline plus all these service charges from goverment, although turnaround is average 35-45 minutes probably still expensive for the airline to go to a regional airport rather on an international e.g. skg.
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    Hi Nikos
    yes competition is always a good thing, lets see what affect it has on next years prices
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    as the cam is down, here are a few extra pictures, they will take up the whole of your screen, so move my left margin out of the way, using the scroll tab, to get the right hand side of the pictures
  • derekderek Member (+) Posts: 66
    hi dellboy,
    great piccys again. do you use a wide angle lens? the picks are very panora mic. what camera do you use? ref nikos and the skiathos idea ,,always wanted to go there..
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    hi Derek, I use a Panasonic TZ30, which has x 20 zoom len and has the panorama facility which you can sweep from left to right and it builds a panarama picture of what you have taken and puts it altogether for you. You can't use the zoom on the panarama facility though
    Skiathos taken with an older camera
  • derekderek Member (+) Posts: 66
    hi dellboy
    is your camera panasonic lumix or dmc tz 370
  • ToneTone Member (+) Posts: 65
    Hi Delboy - we're beginning to wonder if you're stalking us . We've appeared at least twice in your photos . My son and I are sitting in the front seat of the coach on your first set of pictures and now lo and behold myself , wife and son again are on the beach being served drinks by the lovely lady who we have got to know over the past few years.

    We've been coming to Thassos for over 10 years - it's like a second home to us - glad you too like it only don't tell too many people how good it is here ;)
  • derekderek Member (+) Posts: 66
    sorry dellboy,,got the number wrong,, meant tz 30 ..doh!!!
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    Hi Derek
    The full camera name is the Panasonic Lumix tz30
    with software you can make full screen pictures from the standard ones, this one is as taken
    and zooming in using software it clips the top and bottom to make it full screen (this is the same picture)

    Hi Tone
    I think everything got photographed in the 14 days I was there lol
  • normastephennormastephen Member (+) Posts: 18
    HI ANGIE ,
  • angieangie Member (+) Posts: 37
    Hi Norma
    We are going to stay at the Sunray next June.It is a lovely hotel and just yards from the sea ! We are already looking forward to it ..... just beautiful!
  • normastephennormastephen Member (+) Posts: 18
    Hi Angie
    You will be there before us, hope it comes round quickly ,we can't
    wait. We will just keep watching the web cam of wonderful Golden Beach.
  • HelenBHelenB Member (+) Posts: 4
    I have looked at the Cosmos site but they only seem to be going from Gatwick andnot Birmingham which is a nuisance. I see Dimitris is back which would be good as we have been there 3 times
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    hi Helen
    If you read the bottom of this link Birmingham and Manachestet have not yet been announced
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    sorry keyboard problem Manchester lol
  • EllieEllie Member (+) Posts: 28
    Go-Thassos team ... we love this website! But is there any chance you could reinstate the view of the beach where the tall sculpture is? That's our favorite part of the beach and we miss seeing it! :-)
  • HelenBHelenB Member (+) Posts: 4
    I emailed Cosmos and have had a reply ot say they wont be flying to Thassos from Birmingham. Shame as that stops us going.
  • HelenBHelenB Member (+) Posts: 4
    edited November 2013
    Wish we could find an easy way there.
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    Hi Helen
    If the plane takes off after 9am and if you go for 2 weeks, it may be worth driving to Gatwick and staying the night at a hotel which gives free parking, it quite often doesn't work out much dearer than parking your car there for 2 weeks
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