Excursions from Thassos to Philipi

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Excursions from Thassos to Philipi

PeterPeter Member (+) Posts: 4
We will be holidaying on Thassos in Limenas for two weeks in July 2015. I would love to visit Philipi on the mainland. Can any body suggest a local travel company/agent who offers such a trip.


  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 717
    Hi Peter,

    Great choice! There's an incredible archaeological site and museum that are worth visiting in Philippi.

    Here's a taxi service that could pick you up from the ferry port in Keramoti (a straight shot from Limenas) and take you there:

  • PeterPeter Member (+) Posts: 4

    Thanks for your help, I am looking forward to visiting the museum and
    the archaeological site and also if possible the site of the significant battle between the forces of Mark Anthony/Octavian and Brutus/Crassus.
    Kind regards,
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 717
    You're welcome, Peter!

    The battlefield can be best observed from the 2nd floor of the museum - ask the staff and they will point it out to you. It's quite a distance away from the archaeological site of the ancient city and I've never tried venturing all the way out there on foot.

    Also, while you're nearby, check out a section of the ancient Roman road (Egnatia) that is in brilliant condition. It's easy to access, here are the coordinates:

    Latitude: 40.945505
    Longitude: 24.372899
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