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JohnnyQJohnnyQ United Kingdom Member (+) Posts: 8
I would like to pay my sympathy to the passing away of a dear friend to mine Val who has just passed away. I’m sure a lot more visitors remember Val. My deepest sympathy goes to Vals family. Val had a leather goods shop I’m not sure of the street name where his shop now but he first started at a shop which was positioned in between two bars by the names of Anonymous and Full Moon bars which are no longer. So sorry to hear this sad news. I’m going to miss you Val you’ll be sadly missed 😢😢 GOD BLESS YOU 🤧


  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 572
    Val moved to Thassos like so many others because it's paradise on Earth. Now he moved on to the next paradise. He was a jolly good man and will be deeply missed in this one.

    Rest in peace, Val!
  • juliebjulieb RotherhamMember (+) Posts: 24
    Really sad to hear this news about Val. We always paid a visit to his leather lane and were only in there a couple of weeks ago buying a new wallet for my husband. He was always very pleasant and helpful, although this year we didn’t see him. It was his wife who is just as nice. He will be sadly missed.
  • JaneWJaneW Member Posts: 6
    So sad to hear this news. I remember when he had his shop near the port, leather goods and a lending library. Close to a wonderful coffee stop run by Persephone, Visited him last year in a smaller shop, where he requested pork pies and marmite on our next visit😊. Sympathies to his family. A lovely man.
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