ATM's Thassos, particularly in Skala Potamia

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ATM's Thassos, particularly in Skala Potamia

Alex BrownAlex Brown Member (+) Posts: 7
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Morning all

We are going for our 7th trip to Golden Beach in two weeks time and cannot wait. Previously, we have always taken Euro Travellers Cheques and cashed them in resort, although for some reason, they are now a little hard to come by (probably being phased out and old fashioned).

I was also a little concerned, that given the financial situation, we may have trouble cashing Travellers Cheques this year. We don't want to take lots of cash, especially that our apartment doesn't operate a security box so I did some research and have found a bank account with no ATM charges abroad.

I know there is an ATM machine on the main road out of Skala Potamia, we have a car so there is no issue in me driving to the cash machine every couple of days, but I have read a few things online saying that it regularly runs out of money although some of these comments are a few years old.

We are travelling with our two young children, so I am not inclined to want to drive to Thassos Town every time we need money so wanted to know of anyone who uses / has used the ATM regularly and if there is ever a problem. I'm also just a bit concerned given that this is the first time we have travelled to Thassos in high season / school holidays, so demand for cash at the ATM may be high.

Grateful for anyone's advice.



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    GregoryGregory Member (+) Posts: 39
    I knew that something was not correct in the remark about the ATM machine in Skala Potamia, that is why I went to the Bank and asked them personally if those rumors are true. They assured me that there is a very rare case that the machine has no money and that would be for a few hours. Usually the problem is with the customers who are making a mistake or ask for more money than they can take. They told me that you should not worry about it.
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    Alex BrownAlex Brown Member (+) Posts: 7
    Gregory, really appreciate your comments and thanks ever so much for asking the bank for us. I feel a lot more reassured that going Travellers Cheque free is the right decision.

    Rest assured, it's a Mastercard so will be alright in the machine, I know the PIN and there is sufficient funds in the account, there will be no user error from me!

    Thanks again, this time next week, the bags will be packed and at the door, it cannot come quick enough.
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    Νικη ΚαλουδηΝικη Καλουδη Member (+) Posts: 2
    Hi Alex !! You can change pounds or Euro Travellers Cheques at the Market Makedonia in the center of Golden Beach just opposite Avis cars.Have a nice time !!!
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