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Beaches in Limenas

EwelinaEwelina Member Posts: 1

I'm planning a holiday stay in Limenas, 2 weeks. Before booking, I would like to ask about the beaches in this city, which I can reach on foot. I want to book accommodation near the Lidl/Kritikos supermarket.

1. Are the only beaches in this town or nearby: Glyfada, Papias beach, Limenas beach (Limenaki)? Are there any other beach spots you can recommend?

2. Are the beaches I'm writing about (Glyfada, Limenaki, Papias) free of charge? Can you sunbathe there with your own towel?

Thank you for your help and have a nice day!


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 829
    Kalimera Ewelina :)

    1. There are many more beaches near Limenas, including Tarsanas Beach, Nisteri Beach, Papalimani Beach, La Scala Beach, Glikadi Beach, and Makryammos Beach. I recommend reading the Google reviews of each beach because some are organized while others aren't, and which beach you will like depends on what experience you are looking for.

    2. All beaches around Limenas have free access (except for Makryammos Beach, which costs 15 EUR per person). Yes, you are allowed to sunbathe and take your towel to any of the beaches.

    The beaches you can reach on foot from Lidl/Kritikos supermarket are Papias Beach, Tarsanas Beach, Nisteri Beach, and Limenaki Beach. The rest are a bit far for walking, so I would recommend taking a taxi, bus, bicycle or moped.
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