How late do taxis run on Thassos?

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How late do taxis run on Thassos?

Parth_VaderrParth_Vaderr Member Posts: 1
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How late to the taxis run on the island? I'm looking for a way to get around late at night.


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    GoThassosGoThassos Administrator Posts: 128
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    All night!

    If you use a taxi during the day, ask the driver for their business card. If you tell them that you'll need a ride at night, they will tell you if they will be able to get you, or they will inform you of whom to call for a late-night pickup.

    It's not uncommon for frequent visitors to Thassos to have a favorite taxi driver which they regularly use during their holidays!

    There is also a 24-hour taxi service on Thassos:
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