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LauraMLauraM Member Posts: 1
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I'm packing, getting ready for my trip to Thassos. I wonder if there is any self-service laundry shop in Thassos; in the Southern part of the island, if possible.
Many thanks! Laura


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 832
    Hi Laura :)

    Not that I'm aware, neither in the Southern part of the island or anywhere else. The accommodations usually have a washer for guests to do their laundry otherwise the host may be able to find you a different solution. Please try reaching out to your host for this particular request and have a great time on Thassos!
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    ProfTMPProfTMP Member Posts: 1
    But the laundries in all the towns and villages are very cheap and usually quite quick, so worth a look.
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