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Car rent for July

Hello! I have already booked my vacation in Thassos (yay!), but unfortunately, I cannot find an automatic car for rent - I need for July 25-27 (full days). I have reached out to many car rent agencies, but many cars are already booked or they don't have automatic cars. I will stay in Villa Natassa (Skala Rachoniou) so looking for something nearby. Any suggestions here? It would be great to avoid walking long distances :)


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 819
    Hey Sandra :)

    Although a more expensive option, you may have better luck finding an automatic car at a company operating in the Greek airport where you'll arrive.

    If that's not a viable option then I could only suggest renting a car on Thassos with a manual transmission for those three days or using buses and taxis.
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    SandraSandraSandraSandra Member Posts: 2
    I'll try, thanks. I would definitely take manual transmission, but unfortunately I cannot.. Thanks for your reply :)
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