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Summer july

Dear , we are falimy from Serbia
And we need an apartman, bungalow (peaceful family place)
Free parking, wifi,air conditioning, complete kitchen (refrigerator, oven,dishwacher, laundry) and pets are welcom
For three adults and 6 children
(14,12,7,6,4 and baby)
In period from 24.7- 3.8.2023

Offer with piture send as by email
[email protected]
Or by viber


  • AlexciaAlexcia Member Posts: 13
    Dear Mr./Mrs. Vladasloga,

    Sorry for the delay in answering your question.

    If you look on the Home Page on your right hand side, you will see a window with hotel deals and last minute offers, as well as find a place to stay in Thassos. If you click on find a place to stay in Thassos, you will see on your left hand side a search bar. Click on accommodation studios/apartment and bungalows, then underneath you will see the features pet friendly, which you will also click on. Then just click the search button and you will see that there are 101 results. From there on you can look through all the studios/apartment/ bungalow/ pet friendly accommodations and see which place suits you and your family.

    If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask, and we will help you in anyway possible.

    For your convenience, here are the search results as I explained above:[]=2&category[]=4&extras[]=4

    Have a great day, and happy hunting!
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