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Luggage on ferry

JaneWJaneW Member Posts: 9
Hi, sorry if this is a strange question.. Most of mine are 😂 but if you are travelling as a foot passenger on the ferry from keramoti to thassos, do you have to drag your suitcase upstairs? Also does anyone know if the hydrofoil is running this year from thassos to kavala.. Many thanks.


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    DonDon Member Posts: 8
    No you leave your luggage at the foot of the steps as every foot passenger does the go up and enjoy the journey to Thassos
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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 819
    edited July 2022
    Hi JaneW :)

    Don is correct. Some boats have a luggage hold room and others have a space outside, next to the steps going up, for storing your luggage for the journey. If you're taking a taxi to Keramoti, usually the driver would help you carry your luggage onto the boat and they know exactly where to put it. Otherwise, just look for luggage and put yours there or ask an employee as soon as you board the ship and they'll direct you to the right place for luggage storage.

    No, there is no hydrofoil operating the Kavala - Thassos route this year.
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