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Where are some good spots for snorkelling on the island please?


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 829
    Hi rverney33 :)

    One of my personal favorite places to snorkel on Thassos is Fari Beach in Skala Maries. It's a virgin beach with a lot of underwater vegetation and sea life. The water there gets deep quickly so you don't need to swim far before you begin to see fish. The beach is very rocky and has no facilities so if you go to Fari beach, take everything you'll need such as shade, snacks and drinks. When you leave, be sure to take any garbage you have with you because there are no garbage bins or garbage collections there.

    Other good spots for snorkeling:
    • Skala Maries & Trypiti (the coastline between these resorts are great for snorkeling)
    • Kekes
    • Alyki
    • Glyfoneri
    • Papalimani
    • Livadi
    Have a great time! :)
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    rverney33rverney33 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Augie, that's very useful information. I really appreciate your feedback and I'll be sure to take your advise.
    Kind regards, Richard
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