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SJR1991SJR1991 Member Posts: 18
Hi There,

My husband and I are returning to Thassos this year on 31st August, but this time with our little boy!

We're staying at Alexandra Beach Thassos Spa Resort in Potos. Does anyone know if we will be able to pick up any Aptamil 1 formula milk please? We're staying for 11 days so will need quite a bit :)

Thank you!


  • AnthonyAnthony Administrator Posts: 21
    Hi Samantha,

    Congratulations on the birth of your little one!
    I know how expensive baby products can be, as I have a daughter who is turning 2 soon.

    I phoned the Masoutis close to where you will be staying and they told me that they have that formula in 800g canisters for 18,50. They don't have it every day in stock though and the price may vary.

    You can also order it online from This platform compares prices from different shops and pharmacies and gets you the best price at that time.
    You can use google translate to see the page in your preferred language.

    I recommend calling your accommodation to let them know you are expecting a package. Then order it online and set the delivery address to the address of the accommodation.

    This is the one you are referring to?
    Aptamil 1 400g / 800g

  • SJR1991SJR1991 Member Posts: 18
    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks so much for your response and so sorry for the delayed reply! I have no idea where time goes now. All the days blur into one!

    Congrats on your daughter and thanks for looking into this for us :) I did think about ordering the formula to the hotel so I think i'll do that. It's also reassuring to know it could be available to us nearby should we need some more.

    I know this is a different question but we were considering getting a taxi from Limenas to our hotel. Would we need to bring a car seat for this journey or would a taxi company have one available for us to use?

    Thanks again!
  • AnthonyAnthony Administrator Posts: 21
    Hi Samantha,

    Don't worry, I know the feeling! You are lucky it's just days blurring together, my weeks are blurred together. My grandfather told me that as you get older minutes blur then hours then days till you get to decades.

    You won't need to bring a seat as the taxis provide seats, as long as you call them in advance. They do not drive around with the seats in the car, but they can arrange to have a seat for you if you call them in advance. Be sure to book your taxi before you arrive so that your trip from Limenas to your hotel goes smoothly.
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