Skala Rachoni marina fees?

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Skala Rachoni marina fees?

dr_olidr_oli Member Posts: 3

does anybody know is it allowed to park boat in Skala Rachoni and if there is some fee?



  • AnthonyAnthony Administrator Posts: 21
    Hi Oliver,

    My name is Anthony I work here at Go-Thassos.

    My father-in-law is a fisherman and is at that port all the time. He told me that for a small boat there is no cost for a short amount of time. But there is a small cost if you want to stay there for months. He told me that if you want to stay for the summer the cost is 10-15 euros. He recently paid 255 euros for an 8-year pass.

    If you have a big boat (6+ meters) you will need a base (docking pole) to be built to tie the boat down. The cost for that is between 200-500 euros depending on the size and materials used.

    There is also electricity and water there for the working professionals (ie. fishermen) to use free of charge. He told me that he thinks you can also use that for free during short stays.

    If you want specific details please provide more details about the boat, especially the size, and optionally a photo and how long you intend to be docked here. My father-in-law will ask the port authorities for your specific case. If you need the aforementioned docking pole, he's able to build one for you and take care of the paperwork with the port police.

    Wishing you the best,
  • dr_olidr_oli Member Posts: 3
    Hi Anthony,

    thanks for quick and detailed info.

    We are planning to buy house on Thassos and one of locations is Skala Rachoni (we will visit Thassos end of April to see some properties) so I was curios about this port as it is very close to one of houses.

    Our plans are to spend few months on Thassos and to have boat (around 7,5m long) parked in marina. If we decide to go with property in Skala Rachoni I'll take freedom and contact you (to get help of father in law) regarding docking pole :).

    Thanks a lot (and sorry for delay on my side as I was not getting notification that there is update),
  • AnthonyAnthony Administrator Posts: 21
    Hi Oliver,

    Happy to help :)  I am here to help with any questions you have.
    I hope your house-hunting experience goes well!

    See you soon!
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