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GangoGango Member (+) Posts: 38
We're fortunate enough to be coming for our second visit this year on Friday.
I just filled out the PLF today and on our previous visit this year and last year didn't receive the QR code until the day of travel, which I'd understood was normal (so not to panic!)
However today I received the email with the PDF/QR code by return
Just wondered if anyone knew why they had changed the procedure?
Obviously for us it is more reassuring to know we have it earlier!
Now to start to think about packing.......


  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 817
    Hey Gango! :)

    First of all... woohoo for coming back on your 2nd visit this year!!

    In regards to your question, I don't know the official reason why they changed the timing of which you receive the PDF/QR code but my guess is technical reasons. Here, I'll explain...

    When the system was first set up, it was probably designed to be used by millions of people in a very short time window. They may have had technical constraints (server resources, bandwidth limits, etc.) that would bring the system to its knees if too many people requested these forms at once and the system tried to deliver them. My wild guess is they had to prioritize resource usage to avoid bottlenecks and prevent the system from crashing.

    Perhaps they've improved the efficiency of the system and it can handle more requests and deliveries without crashing, therefore being able to deliver your PDF/QR code on the same day.
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