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Traveling in the mountain on Thassos

didoddidod Member Posts: 3
I am owner of 4x4 vehicle and I love to go off-road. I was hoping to make some journeys inside Thassos's mountains for some pictures. But there is a government order that prohibits any outdoor activity in green areas, because of risk from fires. Does somebody knows what is real situation now with this topic? Where can we go and where not? If not in the mountains, can we go to Salonikios beach for example? I do appreciate any information! Thank you!

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  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 812
    Hi Delyan :)

    Generally speaking, you would normally be allowed to go to Salonikios Beach on days when the fire risk is high since you don't need to drive through forested mountain roads to get there.

    The Greek authorities monitor the local weather conditions and decide the fire risk level on a day-to-day basis. When the fire risk is high on Thassos, they close access to the mountain roads in order to protect the forests, since many forest fires are man-made and accidental.

    You can see the (official) daily fire risk map of Greece at the link below:

    Today, Thassos is blue, which means the fire risk is "moderate" so you are allowed to go up the mountains with your jeep. You're still asked to be very careful and not do anything that can possibly start a fire since the risk is still there.

    I hope this info is helpful!
  • didoddidod Member Posts: 3
    Hello Augie,
    Thank you for the information! I am looking at this map everyday, because at the Thassos's municipality site there is a text, that you are not allowed to go if the risk is at level 4 or 5. But that general restriction confused me (Government gazette fek A'138/ 05.08.21). Anyway... As they say - to ask is a shame for a minute, not to know is a shame for life. 😀 Maybe tomorrow is the day then.

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