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Bus Timetable

BamboogardenBamboogarden Member Posts: 3
Hi Augie

Do you have a current bus timetable please?


  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 693
  • BamboogardenBamboogarden Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Augie

    Are the buses running from Limenas to Skala Rachoni at night anymore?


  • AnthonyAnthony Go-Thassos.grAdministrator Posts: 12
    Hi Ciara ( @Bamboogarden ),

    My name is Anthony ( @Anthony ).
    I maintain the bus schedules on Go-Thassos.
    I Phoned the bus station in Limenas (+30 25930 22162) and can confirm that the night bus is not running, and more likely than not won't run at all in 2021.

    Wishing you safe and happy traveling,
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