PCR on Ferry to Thassos for vaccinated persons?

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PCR on Ferry to Thassos for vaccinated persons?

zavzav Member Posts: 19
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Entry into Greece requires vaccination or PCR test.
Entry to Thassos per Sea is written:
"In order to board the ferry to Thassos, you will need to present your Covid documents (proof of vaccination, proof of negative PCR..." Ther is no OR between vaccination and negative PCR. Do I really have to show a negative PCR test every time I use the ferry?

Greetings ZAV

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    hobgoblinhobgoblin Member (+) Posts: 58
    Hi, we just got here yesterday and are so happy that it really happened. To get on the ferry, they handed us a form to fill in (you hand it in once on the ferry), but nobody asked to see test-results or proof of vaccination.
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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 819
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    Welcome back to Thassos, hobgoblin! :smiley:

    It appears the ferry companies are using the honor system. Every passenger must complete the form and make all necessary declarations without scrutiny from the ferry companies or port authorities.

    In case anybody wants to see the form in advance, here's a scanned copy of the form (PDF format) I just picked up from the ferry port.

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