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Limit of passengers in a personal vehicle

Nadq_BellNadq_Bell Member Posts: 1
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On June 9 we are planning a trip to Thassos. We will travel four adults with one vehicle - me and my brother / by ID we are at the same address / with our partners. Are there any restrictions on passengers in a private vehicle if we are family?


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 832
    Hi Nadq_Bell :)

    Currently, in Greece, there is a limit to how many passengers can ride in the same vehicle. The maximum number of people allowed is 3 (1 driver + 2 passengers). Exceptions are made if it's a family with children from the same household. In this case, there can be more.

    This will change in the near future as restrictions are gradually reduced. We will update our Coronavirus Updates page where you can find the latest information. You can also find the latest information on the government's official PLF website.

    I don't know if it will change by June 9th but it might. If it doesn't, it would be best for you to come with 2 vehicles. Otherwise, perhaps schedule your holiday for a later date when these measures will more likely be lifted.

    Greece wants to be close to normal by July 1 so until then, we can expect a gradual lifting of these measures.

    I hope this explanation was helpful.
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