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Temperature on webcam

pickle1pickle1 Member Posts: 5
Hi to the Go-Thassos team and all Thassos lovers!

Would it be possible to have the current temperature displayed on the webcam? I look at Golden Beach every day to get my fix, but would be really interested in knowing how the temperature is doing. Thank you, and I hope to get to Thassos this year...fingers crossed!


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 832
    Hey Pickle1 :)

    Welcome to our forum and thank you for asking!

    We'd love to show the temperature/weather and in order to do that, we'll need to set up a weather station locally.

    You see, Thassos has micro-climates so if we connect to the already existing weather stations (for example, at the airport) you will see data coming from many Kilometers away from a place with a relatively different climate.

    Ideally, we would want to set up a reliable weather station near the webcam's location to provide you with accurate readings. We've been exploring the different options available to us and we hope to do it when we're able and the time is right.

    We hope you'll be able to get back to Thassos this year, too!! :smiley:
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