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broderickbroderick Member (+) Posts: 33
Hello All

Prior to finding the Go Thassos Web Site and great golden beach webcam I used to regularly log onto the Thassos Forum Website organised by German Team with Wolfgang as Web Master since 2003.

I loved logging in every so often to view old posts and photos. Also to remind myself of great holidays I had enjoyed by looking at my posts and photos. Unfortunately over over recent years the site had been lot quieter. Now the site has become inaccessible.

Does anyone know if the site has closed down.

Best regards Steve


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    AnthonyAnthony Administrator Posts: 22
    Hello Steve (@broderick) :)

    I'm not sure but, by the looks of it, the site closed down.

    You could try to reach out to Wolfgang (the site admin) directly at

    I hope this helps,

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