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Big Big Thank you to go Thasos community

thaisthais Member Posts: 12
Hi community
Thank you so much for all the help
We have had a great time in Thasos and we are inclined to say that it has taken a special space on our hearts and it's now our favourite island. We wanted peace, local culture and nature, Thasos offers all to everybody!

For backpackers on a budget we personally felt that it is so doable and here was our route, Augie helped us:

It is possible to go to Thasos using public transport from Thesa.
Bus from Ktel Thessaloniki to Kavala bus stop, I recommend the 6 am, the sunrise was breathtaking, we got thr return ticket with open return, 28euros

From Kavala it's a short walking distance to the port ferry, the route we have used was Skala Prinus - Kavala, and it was 6 euros. This was a spectacle apart, to see the birds surfing on air and playing with each other, omg, it was priceless. you can also feed the birds if you like, locals were feeding them.

There are public transport bus available in front of Skala Prinus port ferry, and, our host told us it is always available with the ferry, so if you can't rent car or bike, it's really handy.

We have used the small shops only and it had everything we need, very cost effective and supporting locals! 👏
I also would like to recommend Brian's restaurant, we have had meals there and it was one of the best meals we have ever had.

We loved the fact that we could do rabdom hikes and find peaceful beaches that looked like natural pool! We will certainly come back to explore more, the other end and go to Keramoti ☺️😊 🐱

Btw On our way to Thesa there were so many beautiful beaches that it seemed to be a good idea to rent a car 🚗😂


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 829
    Hi Thais! :)

    Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with everyone here! Your post can serve as an inspiration for those who are thinking to come the same way as you did.

    I'm so glad you had a good time on Thassos. I hope next time you come it will be for a bit longer and perhaps we can meet up for a coffee and chat!

    Indeed the coastline of Northern Greece is very rich with beautiful beaches! Renting a car would allow you to stop and see them up close as you drive from Thessaloniki to Thassos.

    How did you get around Thassos? Did you rent a bicycle?
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