Travelling on 22/08 - Keramoti to Limenas - Ferries related question

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Travelling on 22/08 - Keramoti to Limenas - Ferries related question

Hi people, with my gf we are planning to visit Thassos. We will arrive on 22/08 at 21:30 approx at Kavala airport, then take a ferry from Keramoti to Limenas..
We were reading other posts here and we found that there is no bus between the airport and Ferries port, so taxi is best choice.
But regarding ferries, information is not clear for us, in I can see that from Keramoti a ferry should departure at 23:00, but then in PDF I see that not every day a ferry travels from Keramoti to Limenas at 23:00.
Is this correct? Does it depend on the day/week?

To mitigate this, are there other ways to go from Keramoti to Limenas? like transfer service or speed boats?



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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 829
    Hi Facu :)

    You would need to take a taxi from the airport to Keramoti, there is no other option.

    You would also need to take a ferry to Thassos, there is no other option.

    If you arrive at 21:30 then you'll need to take the 23:00 ferry or spend the night in Keramoti and take a morning ferry to Thassos.

    I don't believe there will be a ferry at 23:00 on 22/08 but this will be confirmed on Monday, 17/08. Check the PDF then and you'll see the schedule for 22/08.

    Let me know if I answered all of your questions or if you need any clarifications!
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