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Taxi's - passenger numbers

PhilDPhilD Member Posts: 4
Can anyone please clarify the rules regarding taxi travel in Greece?

We are a family travelling shortly, 2 Adults and our daughter (aged 19).

The UK Government site advises:

"Travel in a private car or a taxi is limited to a maximum of 2 adult passengers per vehicle, in addition to the driver. Any children in the vehicle do not count towards this limit. When travelling in a taxi, all passengers must wear facemasks.”

We are confused about the definition of “any children in the vehicle do not count towards this limit” - Is our 19 year old daughter classified as a child, under these rules? She lives with us.

Please confirm if we would need one or two taxi’s to travel as a family. Thank you for your help.


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    GregoryGregory Member (+) Posts: 39
    One taxi would be enough.
    You count as one family and you will have no problem.
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    SebastianSebastian Administrator Posts: 18
    edited July 2020
    As Gregory said, one taxi will be fine.

    The information you found is out of date.

    The actual information is that taxis with up to 7 seats are allowed to carry 3 passengers plus the driver. Minor children are allowed to exceed the capacity limit. If your child is an adult, they must be able to provide official ID proving their relation to the passengers (if asked).

    You can find the actual law here: We also have a Coronavirus page that we're keeping up to date with all the latest changes.
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    PhilDPhilD Member Posts: 4
    Thank you Gregory and Sebastian for the quick responses and information, in particular the link which was much appreciated. Great news that we only need one taxi.
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