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Planing a daytrip from Kavala to Thasos

thaisthais Member Posts: 5
Hello, just wanted to know if there are any changes to this route Thessa to Kavala by bus, explore Thasos on a day trip? If so, whats the current timetable?

To my understanding apparently there is a bus from Thessa to Kavala that departures at 6am and arrives 0830 am at the Kavala bus station, which is 10 mins walk to the port ferry, is that correct?

We are thinking about staying one day either in Kavala or Thasos, but just need a bit f guidance on the timetables.

Thank you, regards,


  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 574
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    Hi Thais :)

    The bus that departs from Thessaloniki at 6:00 only operates on weekdays. I called the bus station and confirmed this for you.

    I would recommend spending your day in Kavala to make the most of your very little time. If you stay at least one night in Kavala or Thassos then it would be worth visiting Thassos for a day.

    Let me explain:

    By arriving to Kavala at 8:30, you'll need to wait till 12:00 for the next ferry to Thassos. The ferry takes 75 minutes so you'll arrive to Thassos at 13:15.

    The last ferry traveling from Thassos to Kavala direct is at 15:45, leaving you with just 2.5 hours to explore Thassos! Most of your day would be spent traveling... with very little time to enjoy local experiences.

    Kavala is a beautiful seaside city and is perfect for a day trip coming from Thessaloniki. I recommend exploring Kavala's old town and coastal areas and simply waving "hello" to Thassos (the island is visible from Kavala).

    For extra points, you could take a selfie with Thassos in the background and post it here for us to see and also tell us how your day trip went! We'd love to hear your story and travel tips afterward!
  • thaisthais Member Posts: 5
    Hi Augie, you are a rock star <3

    So better try to book a hotel in Thasos then. Got it!
    Arrive early morning in Kavala, can we buy the ticked as soon as we arrive to guarantee that we can board on the 1200 ferry??~

    So now I am going to research a place to stay in Thasos, for instance, like arrive on a Tuesday mid afternoon and leave Wednesday or Thursday bacl to Kavala.
    I would like to walk around a few hours in Kavala before heading back to Thessa. Do you know what is the latest bus time to return to Thesa?

    thank you so much, my husband and I are backpackers and must plan everything ahead! <3
  • thaisthais Member Posts: 5
    Second Idea:

    We go to Thasos, on the 12, sleep one day there
    Return on the next day, next ferry available and try to sleep one day in Kavala, do you recomend this?
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 574
    Hi Thais :)

    You may purchase your ferry ticket at the port shortly before departure. It's not possible to book in advance. I recommend being at the ferry port 30 minutes before departure.

    Since you've got flexibility and can spend a couple of nights in Kavala or Thassos, I think you can make the most of your time by exploring Kavala as soon as you arrive, spend the entire day there and then take the 17:30 ferry to Thassos. You will arrive around 18:45. Head to your accommodation, drop off your stuff, go out and explore!

    I highly recommend spending 2 nights on Thassos so that you can enjoy 1 entire day on the island, from morning till night. After your 2nd night, you can choose to spend the last day in Thassos or Kavala or both (perhaps you saw something in Kavala on the first day but didn't have enough time to check it out... so now you'll have another opportunity on your way back!)

    The ferry from Skala Prinos (Thassos) to Kavala departs at 7:15, 12:00, and 15:45. See the schedules here.

    The last bus from Kavala to Thessaloniki departs @ 20:50. See the full schedule here.

    I also recommend booking direct for the best price. Most accommodations on Thassos are mom-and-pop (family operated) and if you book directly with them you will always get the best deal. Simply contact them through our website here and request an offer for you and your husband. You can also find last minute deals here. If you find a deal you like but it's for more than 2 nights, simply contact them and ask if you can book 2 nights. :wink:
  • thaisthais Member Posts: 5

    I am going to do that, sounds like a plan! thank you so much!!! <3
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 574
    You're welcome! :)
  • thaisthais Member Posts: 5
    Hi Augie,

    I wanted to know if those buses are OK to get around the island,
    If we follow your suggestion of getting the ferry at 14 and arriving 1530 in Skala Prinus can we take buses?

    We will be going from Thessa to Kavala and Kavala to Thasos, do we need

  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 574
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    Hi Thais :)

    You may certainly use the island's bus service for getting around! When you arrive to Skala Prinos, there will be 2 buses parked just in front of the ferry port. They are there to pick the passengers up from the ferry. One bus goes in the direction of Limenas (clockwise on the map) and the other goes in the direction of Limenaria (counter-clockwise on the map). These buses stop along the route so if your accommodation is along the route just let the bus driver know where to let you off.

    Since you're coming for such a short trip, I would highly recommend hiring a moped which will give you flexibility and save you so much time. You will be able to explore more and not lose time waiting for the bus... and if you're enjoying yourself where you are, you wouldn't need to stop what you're doing prematurely in order to catch the bus.

    Motozagos is a great place to rent a moped or motorcycle from. If you're interested, contact Giorgos, the owner, and he will arrange everything for you. He's very helpful and always goes above and beyond. He even delivers the moped where you want it to be delivered, at the hotel or even at the ferry port when you arrive. This will save you so much time and get you moving quickly. I think your trip will be much more worthwhile if you're free and mobile on Thassos!
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