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Driving to Thassos From UK

broderickbroderick Member (+) Posts: 33
I remember way back seeing vehicles from United Kingdom driving around Thassos. Possibly people who have moved over to live on the Island. However I wonder if anyone has recently driven over, how long it took and any complications other than time. This might be our only way for the future from UK if air travel is decimated due to Corona Virus. Perhaps some form of mini bus service could be set up.


  • suzy2009suzy2009 Member (+) Posts: 2
    Hi!, we did the drive a few years ago and great fun it was too. We covered the journey in 4 days, plenty of hotels on the route so we didn't book any, hard to know in advance how many miles you are going to drive each day and when we decided enough was enough there was always somewhere to stop fairly close. Think my main bit of advice would be to avoid France (very expensive tolls) and Switzerland (very expensive road tax) enjoy the journey, oh and don't forget the driving requirements for each country, one wanted a highvis jacket, another a selection of car light bulbs (none of ours fitted our car we just grabbed all the old ones in the garage!), another a warning triangle and little fire extinguisher. I am sure a first aid kit was needed and the main beam headlight divertor/deflector (cant remember the correct name for them). If you do the Italy ferry route don't forget to tick the option for AA membership when you book your tickets as you get quite a good discount on the ferry. hope that helps a little........main thing is have fun.
  • broderickbroderick Member (+) Posts: 33
    Hi Suzy
    That journey sounds fabulous. I remember as child watching summer holiday with Cliff Richard travelling to Athens probably 1962. I wonder if an old double decker bus would be allowed on the ferry.

    If I did have the bottle to try it, on your advice, I think I would go the air route through Netherlands and Germany but just dreaming at the moment of return. Fingers crossed..
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