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JaiJai Member Posts: 5

I've noticed that Golden beach seems rocky, this year. Could you tell me if is rocky?


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  • DelboyDelboy Posts: 333
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    Hi Jai,

    There are a few rocks to the right of the jetty as seen on the webcam but following from there up to Skala Potamia it is sand. However, at the start of Skala Potamia it changes to pebbles for some way until you reach a small peninsular which has a restaurant on part of it. From there it changes back to sand until you reach the small harbour of Skala Potamia.
    At the moment what you can probably see on the webcam will be seaweed. This is normally cleared by the locals for the holiday season but as you know this year is no ordinary season for the locals.

    This is a walk along the beach I did to show what it is really like
  • GangoGango Posts: 15
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    Hi I'm Jai's wife. We had been arguing about this as I said it was seaweed and he said rocks. We have been visiting Golden Beach since 1999 and had never noticed rocks in front of Sotiris all the times we've eaten there so wondered if the sand had been washed away in the winter floods. However today it looks like it's all sand! Is the tide higher? Please save the arguments and our marriage 😁
  • DelboyDelboy Posts: 333
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    Hi Gango at the time of writing this post I would say it is high tide as the water in going over the pier sometimes, which it does on rough water times. However, the tide does not change much during the time I go there.

    Have a view later on in the afternoon for change of the tide.

    I am not sure what answer is going to save your marriage but Augie is a better councillor than me lol
  • AugieAugie Posts: 524
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    Hi Gango and Jai, let's pop on Zoom together real quick and settle this conflict peacefully :lol:

    ...or I could just confirm right here and now that what you both saw was seaweed (sorry Jai!).

    The tide has come up and has taken some of the seaweed away but it might be back.

    Delboy is right about the tides not rising/falling much here. High/low tides exist but they are less noticeable compared with the ocean's tides, what you see along the UK coastline.


  • JaiJai Member Posts: 5
    Thanks, Still looking lovely after all these years. We have booked for 21 June 2020 back in October 2019. We are still hoping that at some point we will be able to come to this wonderful island in 2020.
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 333
    edited May 7
    So Jai has to sit on the bottom stair (naughty step) for 30 minutes lol
  • GangoGango Member (+) Posts: 15
    That's great, I was right, seaweed! Maybe after 22 years of marriage he will admit I'm always right! What he is right about though is we both hope we make it this year as the trip we booked for June will be cancelled.
    We want everyone on "our" beautiful island to stay safe though 😘
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