3 night stay Mid May

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3 night stay Mid May

Hi, we are going on a tour and hope to visit mid may for 3 nights.

Look for a good location for beaches, access to rest of island for hiking, need a place with good restaurants

Would welcome your recommendations please



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    DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 359
    Have a look at Golden Beach on the webcam on here. It ticks all of your boxes apart from the rest of the island. If you want the hub of the island for buses Thassos Town would be the area but the beaches are not as good IMO but early May would be ok. Having said that you can get a bus to Thassos town and pick up others buses.
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    stevenhstevenh Member Posts: 2
    thanks, I had read somewhere that mid May was the start of the season and not all restaurants might be open, so assumed Limenas might be a better option?

    Will be travelling with a car on our tour.
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    GregoryGregory Member (+) Posts: 39
    Just for convenient reasons, I would suggest Limenas for May. Especially restaurants are fully operative and there is more life in the streets and Town itself. It all depends what one asks for. Each place has its advantages. As long as you have your own car that would not be any problem staying anywhere.
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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 829
    edited February 2020
    Hey Stevenh :)

    I agree with Gregory that there are many more restaurants and shops open in Limenas that time of year.

    You can have the best of both worlds since you'll be with a car!

    There are so many amazing beaches to visit around the island, and one of them definitely is Golden Beach which you can get to in about 15 minutes from Limenas.

    It's super easy and convenient getting around to the rest of Thassos as well because the asphalted ring road hugs almost the entire coastline. It's about 100 Km and takes less than 2 hours to drive around.
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