Weather early May.

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Weather early May.

tonybtonyb Member Posts: 33
Hi Augie, arriving on Thassos 2nd of May, any tips on clothing we should take, local knowledge invaluable, thanks mate.


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 829
    Hey Tonyb :)

    May is an incredible time to visit the island! It's the time nature re-awakens from its winter hibernation. The temperature is generally mild and in the mid 20s and at night it can get cool (mid teens). Be sure to pack a light jacket and some jeans or pants, along with your shorts and short-sleeved shirts, because you may find yourself with a shiver when a cool breeze comes your way.

    An important piece of advice I'd like to offer you is to correctly set your expectations when visiting Thassos in May, especially if you've already visited in the summer months. This experience will be quite different. For example, you will find restaurants, beach bars, and other businesses are still closed in the beginning of May which would normally be open between June and September. The sea is still quite cool so getting in the water may require a bit more courage! Some other unique things about May that are good to know:

    -No crowds... so less competition for the best spots at beaches and everywhere else
    -Less kids... most are still in school
    -Quiet... if you're coming to destress and unwind, this is the ideal time
    -Temperature... Not too hot and not too cold... it's the Goldilocks time
    -Waterfalls... they are usually full of water this time of year, so go and see them because in July and August many of them are dry

    I highly recommend taking long walks on the mountain paths this time of year. You'll be intrigued by all of the colors and smells you'll get to experience, which mostly disappear come Summer.

    Visit the ancient sites in Limenas and Alyki.

    Take a day trip to go kayaking at the Nestos Delta (on the mainland opposite). Perhaps even visit Philippi and Kavala for a day if you're in the mood for culture.

    Bottom line: Try new experiences in May. The beaches are always lovely but there's so much more to see and do because of seasonal factors which most people tend to overlook. Treat yourself to something new and unique!

    If there's anything specific you'd like to know, feel free to ask!
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