Salonika military cemetary.

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Salonika military cemetary.

tonybtonyb Member Posts: 33
How far is the cemetary from limenaria and is it on a bus route, thanks Tony.


  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 812
    edited November 2019
    Hi Tonyb :)

    I think you're looking for Zeitenlik Military Cemetery which is located in Thessaloniki (Salonika).

    It's certainly possible for you to get there from Limenaria but this would be an all day excursion because it would require quite a bit of travelling on the bus, ferry, and probably taxi as well.

    You would take a bus from Limenaria to Skala Prinos (30 minutes), then a ferry from Skala Prinos to Kavala (75 minutes), then a bus from Kavala to Thessaloniki (2 hours), then a city bus or taxi to the cemetery.

    If you're flying in/out of Thessaloniki's airport, perhaps spending your 1st or final day in Thessaloniki would be a much more efficient way to visit the cemetery?
  • tonybtonyb Member Posts: 33
    Cheers mate.
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