Villa Chloe Review - Summer 2019

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Villa Chloe Review - Summer 2019

olorineolorine Member Posts: 1
We stayed for 10 days this summer in Villa Chloe. We were received by the local administrator - Jason, who spent less than 10 minutes with us literally sprinting through the house while explaining the house-rules and facilities. The features presented online were mostly available on site, with the exception of the AC in one of the bedrooms - which did not work. We called the admin (Jason) and he offered a few solutions (that we had tried before calling him: like checking the power-line and the appropriate fuse). However, he did not bother to come and fix the issue, although we expliciteldly asked for his help several times. Upon departure, he again behaved rather poorly by telling us that is was basically our fault that we did not find a solution for the AC?!? On top of it, he asked in a condescending tone to take out a few glass bottles that we have separated and set aside so that they could recycled appropriately. Our bottom line: the facilities of Villa Chloe are fine, however the behaviour of the admin Jason determines us to avoid properties of this host in the future.


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    ArabellaArabella Member (+) Posts: 5
    Dear Olorine,

    Thank you for staying at Villa Chloe in Summer 2019. I'm glad you were happy with the house and I hope you will consider staying in one of our private holiday homes on Thassos again in the future. As you saw this Summer, we provide big and spacious accommodations in excellent locations and at very affordable prices.

    I sincerely apologise if the air conditioning unit in one of the bedrooms had an issue during your stay. The technician would have repaired or replaced it quickly if it was reported directly to him. We provided you with an e-book for the house and inside there is a "Maintenance" section which includes a direct line to our dedicated technician - his mobile phone number which is also reachable through WhatsApp and Viber. If you followed the instructions to contact the technician in case of any issues, as written in the e-book, I promise you would have received a prompt solution. In any case, Jason should have directed you to the technician and I am sorry that he didn't. Please know that I take your feedback very seriously and have spoken extensively about this with Jason to ensure that all future guests are fully informed to call our dedicated technician for any maintenance issues during their stay.

    I asked Jason about the glass bottles during your departure and he told me that it was the 3rd time he returned to you for the check-out procedures because you were not ready the 1st and 2nd times. Other guests were waiting for him at other homes and this caused him to fall behind schedule. He admits that his tone was off because of the pressure he was under to complete the check-out procedure with you the 3rd time. He asked me to apologise to you on his behalf, and I would also like to apologise. He shouldn't have allowed the pressure to cause him to speak with that tone.

    Next time you visit Thassos, we hope you will give us a chance to prove ourselves to you. Thank you again for your feedback. :)

    PS. Every air conditioning unit in Villa Chloe was working after you departed... so this has been a mystery to us! Did you fix it??
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