Alexandra beach Potos vs skala rachoni

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Alexandra beach Potos vs skala rachoni

Leanne1976Leanne1976 Member Posts: 144
Hi ... I’m guessing Augie lol

So obviously we are having to look at alternatives for next yr (due to Thomas cook no longer having Thassos on their books for the new readers)
We have it down to two choices, the zafira in skala rachoni, we know we like SR, we have read that even though the hotel has been made to go half board you can use you evening meal for lunch instead so can still take your business to the tavernas who need it.
However we have also wondered if maybe we should try a different part of the island since we have to change from our favourite hotel. However in our previous visits we haven’t or don’t recall going to Potos, so wondered if you could give me some feedback on Potos vs SR

Thanks muchly 😀


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 829
    Hey Leanne :)

    While Skala Rachoni is a quiet, laid-back resort spread across kilometres of sandy coastline where trees meet the sand, Potos is a more condensed, developed, and lively resort. The personality of the two places are very different, so each offers a distinct experience.

    Potos is well known for its buzzing nightlife and beach bars. Younger crowds prefer it but it's a place that's got something for all age groups... such as an arcade with bumper cars for children, great family-owned tavernas, a shopping street (with mainly souvenirs, jewelers, and clothing), and a long sandy beach (very organized with sunbeds and umbrellas) with water sports.

    You won't be able to easily use the trees as natural shade at the beach as in Skala Rachoni because Potos is south-facing so the angle of the light is coming from the direction of the water (not from the direction of the land behind you where there are trees that could shade you from the Sun)..... just a small detail you might be interested in knowing!

    Being in Potos will put you in a strategic spot ideal for exploring the southern half of the island, if you haven't yet. There are lots of great beaches nearby including Psili Ammos, Rossogremos, and Metalia to name a few.

    Getting to the mountain village of Theologos from Potos is very easy and convenient. A short 10 minute drive will take you to some of the best lamb and goat meat on Thassos! Theologos is a nice village to walk and relax in as well. There are traditional shops and a folklore museum to explore, and there's even a traditional shoe maker where you can get custom sandals made just for your feet!

    If you're feeling adventurous and looking for a change, go for a holiday in Potos! But if you're looking for an experience like that of Skala Rachoni which you already know you enjoy, then perhaps you should pass on this one and simply consider a day trip to Potos during your next visit.

    I hope you find this helpful. Does anybody else have feedback for Leanne? :)
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    Leanne1976Leanne1976 Member Posts: 144
    Thank you! I think from that we will stay at Skala Rachoni but definitely visit Theeologos that sounds really interesting. I feel like after 3 visits we’ve still only scratched the surface.
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