Trip report for Golden Beach 2019

Trip report for Golden Beach 2019

DelboyDelboy Posts: 287Member (+)
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A return to Golden Beach after four years and looking at some of the changes

days 1 to 8

days 9 t0 15


  • LornaLorna Posts: 3Member
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    Great photographs of your holiday. It's really helped me plan where I'll go when I get to the island, thank you!
  • DelboyDelboy Posts: 287Member (+)
    you're welcome Lorna, it was a special holiday for us and did not venture too far this time but just want to give an update on prices and changes from four years ago.
  • AugieAugie Posts: 440Administrator
    Well done with the 2019 Golden Beach Report, Delboy! It's extremely thorough, detailed, enlightening, and entertaining.

    And a big THANK YOU for the personal risks and sacrifices you made for the sake of better informing your audience... for example, eating fried foods that may not be the healthiest for you... and living to tell the tale! Was Mrs. Db supportive or did she give you a hard time for that?? ;)
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    Hi Augie,

    I always like that element of danger in my holiday. As I did not attempt the Ipsarion again this year, the bacon and cheese pies must have put me right up on the things not to eat list lol
  • Leanne1976Leanne1976 Posts: 97Member
    Ooo I shall give this a good read with a coffee later....

    My trip report for Zante is not as extensive and informative. It goes like this.

    It's not Thassos, we didn't like it and we won't be returning.
  • AugieAugie Posts: 440Administrator
    LOL @ Leane's trip report :wink:
  • DelboyDelboy Posts: 287Member (+)
    lol so I take it you were not keen then Leane

    I felt the same way about Mykonos passing through it and the best part was the runway going home. Where the steward on the plane said our coffee is going to sound cheap after your stay
  • Leanne1976Leanne1976 Posts: 97Member
    Nope not keen at all! We paid for a five star hotel (our 20yr anniversary) and the food was awful. It cost us £30 for a bottle of wine!! Its rare we book more than B&B but these only did half board. We started eating out after a few days. The Germans there weren't very friendly and we ended up speaking to no one for a week.

    We hired a car but couldn't really find anything much to see, one place laganas was like Blackpool on Steroids!! the coast line is beautiful but we were mindful that a lot of the boat companies don't adhere to the rules around the turtles so didn't want to risk going out. One boat trip we saw had music playing so loudly as it passed we felt we were on board!!

    There's a whole other stuff I could complain about, but I won't bother. The pool was nice LOL
  • Leanne1976Leanne1976 Posts: 97Member
    Just up to Day seven (at work at the phone keeps interrupting my reading)
    Del will you be going back? If so can I recommend visiting Kastro if you haven't already! You would love the views and some of the run down buildings would be interesting to photograph. Not to mention the house of bones!!
  • DelboyDelboy Posts: 287Member (+)
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    Hi Leane,

    Yes went to Kastro in the first trip report which is in the tourist reviews section on here.
    The whole 4 x 4 trip is there but you need to click into the link on about day 12 (from memory). At that time I tried to create the review as a whole one which got too big so had to add stuff in links on there. These days I just split it into two parts.
    I have read Laganas is a horrid place with alcohol being mixed with cheap fluids and 18/ 30 youngsters being made ill. A youngster recently aged 19 crashed a quad and was beaten up by the owner's bullies. Then then escorted him to the shop and threatened if he did not pay them 5000 euros they would break his legs with an iron bar and throw him in the sea. His mother was in despair trying to get him home. He lost all his money that he was saving up doing an apprenticeship. The insurance sold was worthless and as I understand it Greek law forbids any hire under the age of 23.
    The British consulate was informed as he had gone missing and police just stood outside the shop and did nothing knowing he was in there.
    The story was told by his mother on Tripadvisor forum
  • Leanne1976Leanne1976 Posts: 97Member
    Ouch ... see Zante just isn’t Thassos
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