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A brilliantly administered site, well done!

LornaLorna Member Posts: 3
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Dear Augie and friends,
I am travelling to Thassos in 2 weeks time. It will be a first for me - first time to Thassos and the first time travelling on my own. I am staying uphill (a steep one, I gather, but the exercise will be good for me) from Golden Beach and I simply can't wait. If it's not too open a question, are there any tips that contributors would offer up to a lady who is just a tiny bit nervous of discovering the place alone? Any big do's or don't do's? Any recommended restaurants/bars? I'd love to try the parasailing so any info on that would be great. Best nearby supermarket? Would be super to hear any and all info that people are able to share. Very many thanks :)


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    DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 359
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    Would that be the Emerald Lorna?
    If you go into the tourist reviews section on here, there are three trip reports all based around Golden beach with photographs. Cal an English lady runs Parasailing on the beach next to the campsite.
    If you go on long walks tell someone at the hotel where you are going and take a phone and plenty of water is a good tip from me.
    Perhaps look at the 4x4 trip up the mountain a good trip to do which is organised as a day out.
    There are at least three supermarkets Anna would be the nearest if at the Emerald. There is a bus stop outside the other two supermarkets and buses run to Thassos Town, stopping at Potamia and Panagia (both villages to see) Panagia is a must to see.
    A top restaurant for us would be the Enavlion (known as the wedding cake)
    Vigli's is finished so entertainment is gone there.
    The fun train only goes once to Skala Potamia at around 7:45pm and returns at 11pm. The rest on the time just runs around Skala Potamia for the evening. The four village tour did not seem to be running whilst there this year.

    All are mentioned in the reports
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    juliebjulieb Member (+) Posts: 26
    Hi Lorna
    It sounds like you may be staying at the Emerald! We have stayed there many times and just came back at the beginning of July. If that’s the case Costas and Katerina will look after you very well. Costas is a mine of information and so friendly. The pool bar is a great place to socialise and meet people. If you walk down either hill from the Emerald there is a supermarket if you turn left (Anna’s) or turn right and keep walking and you will come to the Makedonia Supermarket. There is also another one further along opposite the campsite.
    Plenty of lovely places to eat, Sotiris (right at the end of the beach next to the little harbour), Palude, Cava d’ora, Enavlion to name a few. Golden Sands hotel is lovely for drinks/snacks. All the tavernas on the beach let you use sun beds for free if you buy drinks/snacks. You will soon find your way around.
    You can paraglide at Golden Beach water sports.
    Buses are very good and cheap if you don’t want to hire a car etc. The nearest bus stop is down the hill at the side of Anna’s supermarket and the timetable is displayed there. If you get the chance visit the beautiful village of Panagia and have a wander round. Elenas taverna there does spit roast lamb chicken and goat which is very good. There is an Olive factory and also a lovely church.
    This is really only the tip of the iceberg! Thassos is beautiful and there are so many lovely places to see. Once you get the bug you can’t help but keep going back. Our 16th visit this time after never really going any where twice!
    I hope this helps and I would have no qualms about staying there on my own. Hope you have a wonderful time!
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    LornaLorna Member Posts: 3
    Thank you so much Delboy and Julieb! That is so kind of you. Some really great tips there. I'll have another delve into the website info a few times before I go as you suggest but otherwise I'm good to go I reckon. 16 return visits says it all Julie b! Super excited :)
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