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  • Leanne1976Leanne1976 Member Posts: 144
    Such sad news this morning :(

    I didn't know that Del … I wondered why those tourists in Tunisia had been locked in
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 817
    Hi Delboy,

    The Greek government is stepping in and covering the accommodation and transportation costs of the stranded Thomas Cook guests in Greece (around 50,000 people).

    The hotels will most likely not receive payment from Thomas Cook for at least the last 2 months (July and August), which is Greece's high season, and it's estimated this will inflict massive losses of up to half a billion euros to the Greek economy.

    In Spain, I've read reports that Thomas Cook guests were given an ultimatum to pay for their stay or leave the hotel immediately.

    In Tunisia there were even reports that Thomas Cook guests weren't allowed to leave the resort until they paid. Buses that were meant to take them to the airport were turned away by the Resort's security.

    In Greece, we haven't had incidents like these. Thomas Cook guests are being taken care of and fully supported. Greek hospitality is shining bright. :)

    My sincere sympathies go out to the millions of people around the world who are being affected by this very sad situation.
  • tonybtonyb Member Posts: 33
    Wouldnt be surprised if jet 2 took Thassos on board, better value and luggage allowance than tui.
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    edited September 2019
    yes unbelievable losses to all, far exceeding the 200 million rescue needed and you could see it coming six months ago.
  • tonybtonyb Member Posts: 33
    I was told not to book with thomas cook by a travel agent in DECEMBER last year, told me they were in financial trouble so been coming a long time, it was heartbreaking watching people trying to get in the thomas cook agency yesterday, some were in tears.
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    Hi Augie,

    Unfortunately not all hotel owners are taking care of TC clients. Reports are coming in that an AI TC only hotel the Magnolia resort hotel in Katelios has thrown Thomas Cook's guests out that refused to pay again after their holiday was already paid for.
    A couple was thrown out at midnight in the rain for refusing to pay and it is on TA forum and that hotel review.
    So not all of Greece are being sympathetic to its clients
  • Leanne1976Leanne1976 Member Posts: 144
    Hi Del,

    these hotels in my view are doing themselves more harm than good, If you're looking on TA and reviews say they though people out over this then i for one wouldn't book there! I have been reading the ATOL page that says all hotels WILL get their money. I understand that this is an upsetting and frustrating situation but I don't see how kicking out people is going to help their situation.

  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 817
    What a sad and disheartening story. Shame on them for treating those people that way. I believe those who value money over people, especially in a situation like this one, are unfit to own a hotel in Greece or anywhere for that matter.

    Leanne is right. I hope people read the reviews on TA and decide not to support any hotels like this with their hard-earned money. There are countless other hotels managed by kind and generous people who deserve the support.

    I've read uplifting reviews written by TC guests who were treated with generosity and kindness at their hotels. Those hotels deserve to be rewarded with more business in the future and I hope they get it.
  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    Yes on the above mentioned hotel in Kefalonia some of the reviews got removed but now the reviews on the management at the hotel have returned on TA and they do not make good reading. Apparently it is said that one elderly lady pensioners was grabbed by the neck but retaliated.
    Some were thrown out were taken in by other hoteliers for free so good on them.
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