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MegMeg Member Posts: 1
I'll come to Thassos in august. I'll come by ferry form Keramoti but then I have to get to Skala Sotiros. Do you know when is the last bus from Limenas to Skala Sotiros? I couldn't find any info. I think I'll be in Limenas at 5pm and I'm a little bit worried that I couldn't find any bus there... In case there is another way to get to Skala Sotiros??
Thanx for help


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 819
    edited June 2019
    Hi Meg :)

    I just checked the Bus Schedule and the last bus from Limenas is at 17:45, so you should be ok!

    Limenas ► Limenaria & Potos .... this is the route you want. This route passes through Skala Sotiros.

    I recommend calling the bus station one day in advance and confirming the time, in case of sudden changes.

    If you miss the bus, there is a taxi stop across the street from the bus station where you can catch a cab.

    Have a safe journey and please let me know if this info was helpful.
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