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long term rentals

StellaStella Member Posts: 1
I am looking for somewhere to rent for 12 months possibly from October 2019. I am currently in Thassos until 17th May and would like to view available properties. Any suggestions on who to contact would be a great help.


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    AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 832
    Hi Stella,

    I wish I could help but the reality is there are hardly any properties available for renting all year round. You'll have more luck finding a place to rent in one of the mountain villages than by the coast.

    The most effective way of finding available properties here is by word of mouth (speaking to a friend, or a friend's friend, or a relative of a person who's renting their property). If I come across or hear of any I will let you know! :)
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    audreyaudrey Member Posts: 3
    Hi did you find something ?
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