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chellywellychellywelly Member Posts: 7
Hi We are returning to Thassos in may with our 10 year old granddaughter who has never been to the Island. We are staying at the Sentido Thassos Imperial and was wondering how late the buses run into Thassos Town and the cost compared to a Taxi.


  • DelboyDelboy Member (+) Posts: 358
    buses don't run late and the timetable is on here but not sure what the time would be for your hotel. It does change through the year so keep a check on it
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 817
    edited March 2019
    Hi chellywelly :)

    The cost of a single bus ticket from Pachis Beach (where your hotel is located) to Limenas is 1.80 euros.

    If you go to Limenas for an evening out, you will need to take a taxi back to the hotel since the last bus leaves before 6PM. As Delboy suggested, the Bus Schedule may change, so check back when you're ready to travel just to confirm.

    I believe the hotel staff would be ideal for you to reach out to. Since they arrange taxi transfers for guests, they are the best people to ask about the taxi costs and transport options to and from the hotel.

    Hope this info was helpful!
  • chellywellychellywelly Member Posts: 7
    Thank you both for your replies. Our grandaughter suggested staying in Thassos Town instead of getting taxi's/buses so she picked a hotel and we have booked 2 nights in a lovely hotel and the owners have even offered to pick us up.
  • AugieAugie Administrator Posts: 817
    You're very welcome, Chellywelly! I hope you have an unforgettable time on Thassos with your granddaughter! :)
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