The best area in Thassos

The best area in Thassos

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we are planning to go to Thassos for the first time beginning of July, we are greek island lovers but stayed the last years in the Ionan islands. we plan to arrive to Kavala and then rent a car. We avoid noisy places to stay. I would love to be near a great sandy beach with some taverns around...Any special recommendation but above all places to stay ? House or apt with 2 separate rooms and a view.. thanks in advance for any tips
Bonne soirée


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    It is difficult to give any advice without knowing what month of the year you intend going if you don't like crowds avoid late July / August
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    Hi Bonne,

    July is generally a busy time on the island, but there are some areas that are quieter than others, where you can still find peace and serenity for your summer holidays.

    Skala Rachoni, for example, offers very long sandy beaches with shallow waters and natural shade from trees next to the beach. The area doesn't get very crowded because it's spread out.

    Skala Prinos, like Skala Rachoni, is spread out and has long stretches of beach with natural shade and few crowds.

    Skala Maries is a lovely traditional fishing village with several beaches in and around it. One of the beaches is very popular and can get crowded, but the area in general doesn't.

    I would also recommend staying in one of the mountain villages (except Panagia because it's the busiest.) Don't be tricked by the term "mountain villages". They are very close to the sea, only a short drive from the beaches. I would highly recommend having a car in this case. :)
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    whoops I completely missed the July bit but Augie has answered for you
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    Hehe no worries, Delboy! :)
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